Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani

Note from the Editor-in-chief, Marilyn L. Davis: 

We credit English poet Dame Edith Sitwell (1887-1964) with coining the phrase, Abstract Poetry. 

In an email to me, Anwer elaborated that, “Abstract Poetry presents the readers with an opportunity to form images through the use of emotional momentum contained within the poetry.”

Although imaging posts are one of the aspects that I enjoy most as editor-in-chief, in this case, I would like to stay true to the intent of Abstract Poetry. 

Because the readers may have similar or different images than mine, there is no image for this poem. However, I am curious about what readers imagine when they read it. 

Describe your image in a comment, if you will. Thank you. 



By: Anwer Ghani




I am here waiting for you, with all loyalty because I am the absent man on the sad moon. I am here, with worry clouds waiting for the immigrants, but my legs inherited the dark faces. Here, in the barren spirit, there is no rose, and you can see nothing but very dry rivers. Here you will find the moon coarsely because he is the absent son of our smile. You can draw a bridge and a girl with long braids; you can see me here because I am an absent son and my hands are not free of love. When those shadows that we know return, and when you leave all the precious moments, then you will find me here, waiting for you.




Bio: Anwer Ghani

Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name had appeared in Adelaide, Zarf, Peacock, Otoliths, Algebra of Owls, and others.

His poetry also had appeared in Inner Child Press anthology “The Year Of The Poet.”

Anwer Ghani is the chief editor of “Tajdeed” literary magazine. He had, in Arabic, forty books in literature and religious sciences.

Anwer Ghan is the chief representative of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) in Iraq, the member in international writers association (IWA), and the establisher of “Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)” and the annual “Tajdeed” Prize for expressive narrative.

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  1. Than you, Anwer. I imagine a shadow of a person showing on a pathway with the light of the moon in the background.

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