Ta-Da: Tributes, Talents, and Thank You All

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Let’s Hear It for the Writers


Stephen King makes it a habit to write 10 pages each day, every day, three-hundred and sixty-five days per year. But he’s not the only one with an impressive word count. Here’s a few that put our daily output into perspective

  • Ernest Hemingway: 500 Words
  • Mark Twain: 1,400-1,800 Words
  • Mark Twain: 1,400-1,800 Words
  • Sebastian Faulks: 1,000 Words
  • Nicholas Sparks: 2,000 Words
  • Anne Rice: 3,000 Words

Sometimes, just seeing how many words you’ve written can be encouraging. So use a word-counter and write on. 

Where Does the Write Time Go? 


Now that we're all feeling guilty about not getting one page written or even stringing 25 words together to make a compound sentence, let's think about the reality of most of our lives. Click To Tweet

In my case, I’m the Program Director at a men’s drug and alcohol rehab in Georgia. With 49 residents, how common do you think it is for one – or two – or ten to have a crisis? 

Even without a crisis, we addicts and alcoholics tend to put stuff off – for years – but once we get into recovery, we remember that we’ve been driving on a suspended license for three years, we haven’t paid child support for five years, and the cavities, bum knee, and raised lump on our neck probably needs some attention. 

So, from 10 AM until 6:30 PM – or later, I’m handling court cases, child support, making maps to send new guys out on job search, calming families down because their son just got arrested and he’s in jail and they need help, filing reports for probation and parole, finding doctors for someone, and doing groups. 

I am not complaining. I love working with this population, but there’s no time to write, and it’s not appropriate to write on someone else’s time. 

Could I write in the mornings? Yes, and I do. I also edit, post, find images, and answer emails in the morning for both Two Drops of Ink and my other blog, From Addict 2 Advocate before I come in. Could I write after work? 

Probably not very well. My brain is tired by that time.


Life: It Happens to All of Us


I've written all of that to let you know that life happens to me and prevents me from writing as much as I want to or post as often as I should. But it's not just me. Click To Tweet

We’re going to be losing three of our incredible monthly contributors because their lives now require more attention. Each of them has new responsibilities and opportunities that mean they can’t commit to a monthly post. 

  • Peter B. Giblett is now a radio host and back in college.
  • Michelle Gunnin will be taking care of her aging parents. 
  • Noelle Sterne has professional commitments serving dissertation clients, and other writing commitments. 


Thank You


Before Peter, Michelle, and Noelle leave us I want to thank them for all their words of wisdom, giving us solutions to problems for the writer and blogger, and offering us some of the best posts over the years. Click To Tweet

Each of these individuals has enriched my writing life. I have learned from them, collaborated with them, and gotten to know them through emails or phone calls.  Because Two Drops of Ink is an extension of my online family, I wish them the best in their lives. 

While they will no longer be contributing on a monthly basis, they have added to the site and if you haven’t had the opportunity to read their posts, consider doing so now. 

Follow Them on Other Platforms



Ta-Da: Tributes, Talents, and Thank You All Monthly Contributors


It would be selfish to only list their posts here at Two Drops of Ink because they all have other platforms for their writing. Again, I would encourage you to check out their other sites.

Peter B. Giblett


Personal Blog: Blog Talk Space


Voice of Niagara


Bio on Two Drops of Ink


Michelle Gunnin 


Personal Blog: Michelle’s Mosaic



Bio on Two Drops of Ink 


Noelle Sterne




Bio on Two Drops of Ink 



Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing


Peter, Michelle, and Noelle will continue to submit posts when they can, but since they won’t be contributing every month, this leaves room for your submission. 


Need additional exposure for your writing? 


Then consider a guest post today. 


  1. Thank you both. It has been a pleasure to contribute and to read the feedback. By the way, I will be continue to post in November and December and look forward to doing so. Carol and Aida, all consistency, persistence, and passion with your writing.

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