Poetry Break: I Remember by Preet Kang

By: Preet Kang


Poetry Break: I Remember by Preet Kang two drops of ink marilyn l davis


I remember your reaction when

I affirmed

I am in.

I remember the stale sound of “Oh! Nice”.

This meant renaissance to my mind and my life

And all you thought was, “Oh! Nice”.

You were laying in my bed covered by the blue fleece sheets,

face towards the window and

the orange salt lamp burning.


I remember with a cheer I said I got into DBT [1]

I was ready for you to jump out of the warm sheet, switch sides and let my chest feel your hug,

because I needed it to make me believe our emotional harmony is still alive

But all my ears heard was a pale “Oh! Nice”.


I remember, that day, 9:46 am was the “time of my life”

this struggle below the skin, had lasted too long.

But all, with the black heater’s consistent sound, I heard was “Oh! Nice”.


The tone was of indifference when compared to the joy of my high-pitched announcement.

That night, in the dim light our clothes across the “la poltrona [2]”,

blue curtains drawn and only us in my old bedroom

I saw the idea of us die

After you spoke “Oh! Nice”.


The sound of the heater at 68, as always,

looked more excited than your indifferent reaction

To my plight of keeping us alive.


That moment I believed, that night would be one of our last times together.

Your brown-skinned, fit back always looked beautiful

Like your rough, dry right hand in my left as you did, when you used to drive

But I just knew I lost us when you said “Oh! Nice”.


I proceeded to hug you to stop my rushing mind.

In a split second, I noticed my watery eyes.

Your skin felt warm just as I like,

my lips felt the bony and soft skin on your left shoulder

And then I looked across the yellow light in the room, I switched off another light.

On the soft, over-sized, blue bed sheets as you liked

is when I realized that you were not right

like the extra light I switched off at 2:37ish at night.


With this realization, I went to sleep while smelling the strawberry candles and insignificant orange light across the roof where I felt this past die.


[1] Dialectical behavior therapy

[2] Translation from Italian- Armchair



Bio: Preet Kang

Poetry Break: I Remember by Preet Kang two drops of ink marilyn l davis Preet studies psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

He has been writing poems for over an year now but believes his foundation was set while growing up with the realization that the world influenced people and their emotions.

This realization lead him to study psychology.

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  1. Hi Preet, a very promising poem — it leaves a good bit unsaid, as it should. “A poet dares to be just so clear and no clearer….He unzips the veil from beauty, but does not remove it.” – EB White

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