Achieving Greatness in Life


By: Traci Kenworth


Are You Trying for Greatness?


“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”― William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night


Have you ever thought of doing something great in your life? What steps have you taken toward such? Are you still following that plan, or has life or circumstances changed your goal? Do you regret it, if so? You can always change things around if you’d like. 


What Is Greatness?


To each person, it can mean something different. Greatness in your career. A goal for your family. Bringing a child into the world and loving him or her and watching them grow. Writing a book and publishing it professionally. Achieving financial freedom. Starring in a movie or TV show. Producing such. Acting on Broadway. Taking the stage to sing. Winning the Olympics. Taking care of aging parents who took care of you. 

All of those goals are impressive. 

Greatness, like love, is in the eye of the beholder. We each want to prosper, keep our families safe, and live our lives the best we can given what we are working with at this time. If you know you need more education to achieve greatness, take a class – in person or online. 

 Each step takes effort. Promise. Retreat. It’s always moving forward and back. You win, you lose. You keep at it. That’s true greatness: never quitting and never compromising yourself or your loved ones to succeed. 


How Do You Decide the Goal?


Consider your interests. What pulls you in the direction you want to go? What halts you? Perhaps somewhere in the middle is for the better. Often, we think we’re suited for a life we fall short of. Not everyone is meant to be a doctor or lawyer: an astronaut or a singer. Talent is essential, of course, but so is perseverance. You must take things in stride. 

Frustration and anger must be turned aside. Patience is hard to handle, but handle it, you must. Keeping our integrity is another strong motive. Many have lost their lives in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Pinpointing what you want to do in life is often a struggle. Especially if you’re female, children and finances can be obstacles sometimes. Divorce creates hardships. No one goes into a relationship thinking this might not work out. We hope for the best. 

Plan for the future. And sometimes things just dissolve. We must begin again. Often, we put our dreams on hold to raise families. We don’t regret this. We just deal with a new twist on those plans. You might have to take on new challenges to get back to where you want to be in your field. Or readjust things.


Sometimes Things Don’t Work Out as Planned


“Don’t quit simply because it’s impossible to do it now. Maybe the right time will come and you will succeed. Don’t lose hope. You’re on the right track.”
― Elmer Fabian

You could be going along at your pace, and the next thing you know you’ve run into a wall. It might not even be of your own making. Things change.

  • Readers sometimes get finicky and move on.
  • You never know if what you’ve set out to do will resonate with others.
  • They could become hostile. Or just grow bored.
  • When we’re in the groove writing, we can’t know if the readers will be there for a project. Its popularity could’ve waned.
  • They might have a new crush.

So how do you pick yourself up? Spend a little time on other things. Give yourself time to get it out of your system. Try something else. That might lead to a new fascination with the reader. Who knows why things work out the way they do? We just have to trust that there’s another avenue to pursue. Try a different genre. Move to a different age group—something to shake things up and recapture that magic.


Outwitting the Bad


“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there. ”Will Rodgers, The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers in His Own Voice

Stop sitting there when things fall through. You still have options. You can always begin again. Pick yourself up and jet towards a new future. Everybody hits a curve now and then—no reason to let it stop you. If we stopped every time things got hard, we’d have no future. We wouldn’t be able to follow our chosen path because we’d be at a standstill. So how do you outwit the bad?

Keep those in your life that you can count on to cheer you on. With someone/s in your corner, you can keep hitting that punching bag of life and triumph in the end. It won’t be easy. It’ll take time. Take a step at a time. If you fall, get back up and take two steps forward. You will not fail unless you give up. Journeys are hard, but they’re worth it. If it were easy, we wouldn’t feel a challenge and grow bored.


How Do You Know You’re on the Right Track?


“Everything happens in life for a reason. You will realize the reason when you reach the right moment!”― Avijeet Das



Achieving greatness can be done. You don’t have to be as successful as Stephen King to do so. You need to follow your own path, set your personal goals, and be satisfied with your rewards. They’ll guide you into a journey you can be proud of, but it won’t be easy. You will see the good come out of it in your life.

  • Rewards will trickle down until they become larger.
  • You might win awards.
  • There could be a movie project in your future.
  • More offers on your next stories.

You’ll also feel a sense of confidence in yourself. You’ll find breaks you never considered before. Others will bring you offers. 

Learn to trust yourself. You’ll know when you’re thrown off track. Don’t be afraid to take chances. Risks help take us to a new level. I’m not saying crazy and odd. But something you know in your gut that you can be proud of when you risk taking a chance.

We grow not by continuing to do the same characters and situations continuously but by challenging ourselves to greet new ones. Stretching who we are and who we can understand to write is a handy tool to have in your kit.

However, that sense of satisfaction you will discover will be more than worth it. You could uncover a new world of possibilities for your characters. Fall into a chunk of the old one. Even be lifted into the highest goal.

There really is no limit other than what you put on yourself.

  • Get to work.
  • Put in the effort.
  • And enjoy your greatness!




Bio: Traci Kenworth


Traci Kenworth writes all genres of YA as well as the occasional historical romance. She lives in Ohio with her son, daughter, and four cats, chasing snippets of whatever story she’s working on at the time.

She has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Writing saved her during a dark period in her life. 

She is forever grateful to God for this way out of the darkness and into the light. That’s the type of hero/heroine she writes about, survivors and those they love. Her writings show others a way back when they think everything is lost.

Her character’s stories give the reader that most welcome gift – hope. Some other things she enjoys: genealogy, riding horseback, and, of course, reading.

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