Featured Author: Michelle Gunnin

By: Marilyn L. Davis


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Michelle Gunnin is our first Featured Author. She was a monthly contributor at Two Drops of Ink from 2016 to 2019. I’d encourage you to check out her older posts. 

Never one to waste time, Michelle has written a daily devotional called Words to the Weary that might help you put 2020 in perspective and start 2021 on a hopeful and encouraging note. 

Words to the Weary is available on Amazon. 


Featured Author: Michelle Gunnin TWO DROPS OF INK marilyn l davis


Michelle’s description of her book:


Words to the Weary is written for those of you who are exhausted from life. Many people have circumstances which are hard all the time, and don’t seem to ever go away, but sit heavily on your shoulders. I am speaking of any number of circumstances which leave you physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired, such as: a chronic illness, being a caregiver, parenting a wayward, difficult or disabled child, caring for a parent whose health is failing, navigating relationships which have failed or are strained, or enduring the loss of someone dear. When I started writing this book, I had you in mind because I am one of you. I needed encouragement in my soul. I regularly use words to bless others; why not write to encourage myself, too?

Then the whole world went crazy. A pandemic caused fear and health concerns to be up front for everyone. Financial ruin came upon so many so quickly it took my breath away. Then racism reared its ugly head again; there were riots and people dying. A war of words and division flooded the airwaves like I have never seen before.  

Suddenly, everyone was weary. Weary of being shut in. Weary of the hate. Weary of life. Weary of oppression. I was only a few months away from finishing this book when it took on a completely new meaning. Yet, I still was writing it in the same way. Getting up in the morning. Sitting with God. Spilling out my heart and listening to His reply. Writing down His words to me.

This book is my devotional journal for a year. It is the way God and I communicate and converse. It is not a theological work, but a personal one, written from the hard places in which I live. My hope is it that will speak to those in similar places and bring some lift to your life.


Featured Author: Michelle Gunnin 


Featured Author: Michelle Gunnin TWO DROPS OF INK marilyn l davis


Michelle Gunnin has walked a long and difficult road, from her own journey through cancer and her husband’s traumatic brain injury, to miscarriage and navigating brain cancer and dementia with elderly parents, all the way to family relationships, addiction issues, and even a house fire.

She is a survivor of life by the grace of God alone. A teacher by profession, she has always had a passion for teaching reading and writing. She holds a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Collaborative Teaching and Learning. Her teaching certificate is in Early Childhood with an instructional coaching endorsement.

She is also the owner of MG Educational Solutions, a company that addresses a wide range of educational needs from tutoring services, to leading teacher conferences in African refugee camps, to freelance writing.

She processes life by painting with words on her blog at michellesmosaic.com




Featured Author: Michelle Gunnin TWO DROPS OF INK marilyn l davis


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