Poetry Week: John Grey

By: John Grey


Poetry Week: John Grey marilyn l davis two drops of ink


A JAPANESE GIRL PREPARES                          


Day begins with

a reflection in a koi pond

that drifts apart

with the curve of a hand

applying powder

to translucent skin.


Berry-stained lips,

do not speak.

merely drift across

the silk at her throat

from right to left.


In fingerprints of white dust,

her face appears in the mirror,

hair is black

legs folded beneath her

in a diagonal, revealing

a moment of self-scrutiny.

like a brush into a palette

or a body dripping

moisture from a bath.


Morning begins in a glance

of huge white birds.

floating between trees

in a framed picture on the wall,

rising to be themselves,

from deep snow in the country

of the corner of her eye.


To design herself,

she kneels at a low table

practices pleasure:

on her pale sheen,

tracing beauty

with powder and blush,

spread over cheeks and brow,

stenciled like a mask,

darkened where eyes narrow

and the light pleases from the inside.


She is set apart

by the nape of her neck,

the lemon kimono,

the calm desirable face,

the glowing fingernails,

the rice-paper doors,

the elegant fan,

that gather around

the chrysanthemum

in her hand

and its holy tints of white.



Bio: John Grey


Poetry Week: John Grey marilyn l davis two drops of ink John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Orbis, Dalhousie Review, Ink, Sweat & Tears, and Connecticut River Review.


His latest book, “Leaves On Pages” is available through Amazon.


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