Poetry Week: Yash Seyedbagheri

By: Yash Seyedbagheri




fireworks fizzle

red and blue

booming in midnight skies

arcs of light spilling over

ice-filled spaces

cheers rising over rooftops

but clouds begin to form

colors dulling

booms dying

it’s really icy now



Writer In The Sky


from sky’s soft sheets

you can look down on cathedrals and cobblestones, skyscrapers,

and laugh at the specks among them

characters in a story

they look familiar, rushing so fast,

no horns up here, no invectives, and phones pinging with ex-wives

calling you puerile

just the whirl of soothing voices and starched smiles

asking if you want another twelve-dollar drink

might as well drink now

at least in the sky, you’re the writer

not the protagonist



Bio: Yash Seyedbagheri


Poetry Week: Yash Seyedbagheri marilyn l davis two drops of inkYash Seyedbagheri is a graduate of Colorado State University’s MFA program in fiction.

His stories, “Soon,”  “How To Be A Good Episcopalian,” and “Tales From A Communion Line,” were nominated for Pushcarts.

Yash’s work is widely published. Some sites include: 

Write City Magazine

Ariel Chart

Ephemeral Elegies

50 Word Stories

Poem on Two Drops of Ink





Poetry Week: Yash Seyedbagheri marilyn l davis two drops of ink


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