Still Wondering if a Guest Post Does You Any Good? marilyn l davis two drops of ink

Does a Guest Post Help You?

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Opportunity: Writing a Guest Post


“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.” ~Chris Grosser


Still Wondering if a Guest Post Does You Any Good? marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Are you still wondering if a guest post does anything for you? Here are five reasons to consider a guest post. 


1. You gain instant exposure to another group of readers. 


Each site that accepts your guest post will have its readers, and if they like your writing, they may become a follower, go and visit your site, or buy your book. Since Two Drops of Ink has over 8,000 followers, we’d be happy to share a few with you. 


2. Sharing your guest post shows readers and other sites that you have an audience. 


When I receive a submission, I’m always interested in where the guest writer has written. It may be their website, another site, or they have written a book that has rave reviews on Amazon. This means that the guest writer has an established audience and can expand our reach and their own. 


3. You increase your brand authority when you post on an award-winning site. 


I’m not just marketing Two Drops of Ink with this post, but it is my point of reference. We have brand authority in the literary field. When you guest post with us, it increases your authority partially because I don’t publish every submission. The posts that are published go to all of our subscribers and again, increase your exposure.  

Most sites let you have a least one backlink, and most guest bloggers will include their website. We’re more generous at Two Drops of Ink in that I want to feature other writings and your books along with your website. Multiple backlinks are encouraged and notify our readers of your other works


4. You get to leave your comfort zone.


Your readers like the way you write, and that means you might be too comfortable. When you submit a guest post to another site, you’re taking a risk that the audience there won’t like your writing. But, if your post is accepted and published, you’ve now exposed yourself to a brand new audience who can become subscribers and followers. 

Thanks for not being afraid. 


5. You’re building your writing portfolio.


Writers, just like artists, have portfolios. In marketing my memoir, Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate, every site asked me for my portfolio. So, a guest post to a credible site strengthens your portfolio. 


The Benefits of a Guest Post are Reciprocal


I’m not too fond of clichés, but a win-win does come to mind when I think about all the excellent guest posts we’ve published. Each writer brought their tone, style, perspective, and voice to the more prominent topic of literary works, whether it was poetry, prose, or problem-solving for the writer and blogger.


two drops of ink marilyn l davis what does a guest post do for you


I appreciate each one that we’ve published and look forward to your submission. Please read the submission guidelines and also the post, Stop Getting Your Guest Post Keep Getting Rejected. Both of these will help you in sending the best guest post. And remember that your backlinks lead our readers to you.



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