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Poetry Break: Solomon Maikas

By: Solomon Maikas



everything is glass


at dawn, we scrimmage with crumbs of uncertainty.
on our tongues, we paddle dreams like lies that will
not undergo cross-interrogation. a whoosh takes

a grip on the sun, & our hearts spill the colour of
molten water on glassed-surface; it folds away
parts of itself. i wake with a residual yearning that

bites until i admit it, & it sprouts into something
that unbounds me. you know, everything is glass:
naked & fragile like fresh sunrise in the blank

face of the sky; like when the wind blinks a smile, &
you disintegrate into smithereens of playthings &
are shoved down a dream where every building

is your house, & every word is your name; a dream
where your reflection on glass is a lonesome lyrebird.
at sundown, you will feel yourself tear: proof that your

body is a tattoo with countless kinds of hell; that your
existence in this ephemeral body– that jolts– is as
fragile as the glints of the things you see in your dreams.



Bio: Solomon Maikas


Solomon Maikas is a Nigerian writer, poet and a student of Bayero University, Kano.

He writes from Kano, Nigeria. He is a Guest Blogger with Daachiever Blog. His work have appeared on Poemify Magazine and are forth coming on a number magazines, journals and blogs.

He is deeply passionate about telling the story of Africa in his poems and writings.

You can reach him at: d.solzy28@gmail.com




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