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Poetry Break: LAGuy

By: LAGuy





I hate how you love them,
More than you love me
How you let them treat your heart
Like a hot potato

I hate that We! Lost a lot of chances
Because You! Keep giving them away
I love you.
I hate that you have feelings,
A mere human in a society
That sees crying as a form of weakness, not healing!

I hate being with you alone, late night
Your thoughts make me want to strangle you,
So I can free myself from the trauma of your feelings
I love you.

We are banded by more than just flesh and blood
I hate that you do not appreciate Me-YoUrSeLf.


That Hurt


There is a kind of hurt,
That deletes all the words in your vocabulary.
Tears gushing out,
Like a well shook bottle of soda.

I know the kind of hurt,
That causes you to bury your own heart.
The kind that keeps your head down
With every step you feel like you are carrying all the world’s problems
The kind where you would not mind sleeping the day, week, even months away.

I also know of the one,
That gets you wondering what it would be like,
If you slept for all eternity
Like do something that will stop the beating,
Sometimes I wonder why the pills never worked for me.

Call me frailer.
What was once a mission is now aborted,
And I say that proudly.
I still have those high walls around me,
I guess the last hurt made me cautious.

I know about that hurt, but the world would be better,
If we could tell each other about our hurts,
Rather than being honored soldiers who succeeded at the mission,
Of taking their own lives,
Because of THAT HURT.




The melanin acts as a shield,
Against pain and sun burns
BLACK is Proud BLACK is bold

From every neck roll, and head drop,
In between the clicking sounds,
Reek’s liberation, FREEDOM of Speech and Expression
Black is FREE!

Black is tantalizingly beautiful
Mesmerizing, and astonishingly intelligent
All senses heightened, conscious on high alert
For the sequel of the BLACK PAST

BLACK is Creative
Mastered the art,
Of turning Pain into Peace and Harmony
BLACK magic is NO Fantasy!




Call me Your Highness
As I am bathed in rich melanin glory
My body held together by every cell,
From the Dlamini, to the Jola clan
My fears bow down and worship me,
When I take a stand.

Call me Your Majesty
With the purest of souls,
I feel angelic.
Persona calm collected but deadly.
My tribe screams UHURU!
Every time I step on stage.

Do not call me your King.
Worship only yourself and God
Yield not to Idols.
Remember we are all human.
It is also my first time being alive.
The fear of losing everything has us living stupidly.

Call me Your Highness
As I rise higher than the smoke, I blow.
As I raise my voice to provide clarity
As I bleed on pages and heal on stages
As I tear out the pages, retell the story, pass on the message.
Call me anything, as long it is who I AM.


Bio: LAGuy

Born Onke Iviwe Gwentshe, (LAGuy) is a slam poet, singer, and songwriter residing in Cape Town, South Africa.

With the love of art sparked as a child through music, LAGuy established himself as a poet in 2014, and over the years has grown to be a professional, versatile, artist.

Also a proud founding member of the ATF021 crew (A versatile, hip hop crew based in Cape Town, South Africa.)


Instagram ; @laguy_atf

Twitter      ; @laguy_atf

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