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How to Get Raving Fans for Your New Book

By: Maeve Ronan


“Good marketing is reminding your readers regularly about all the valuable things you want to give them out of your own experience, including your book, in a new and genuine way.”― Bethany Atazadeh


Is Your Book Published But No Profit?


You finally finished your book, and now no one is buying it. Well, that sucks. What if there was a way to have a plethora of raving fans ready to buy your book on launch day? 

There is. The key to having raving fans is to bring your readers along on your entire book-writing journey. I self-published my first book, It’s the Depression for Mewith no professional marketing team, yet still sold 5,000 copies within the first three months. 


I shared my entire journey on social media with my ideal readers. By letting your future readers be involved in the process, they become invested in the book and want to be the first to read it. 


Three Ways to Cultivate Raving Fans for Your Book 


Here’s what you can do even before you publish your book.  


1. Get clear on your ideal reader 


The type of person reading your book will depend on what your book is about, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Your style is a draw as well. It’s so important to know who will be buying your book. 

If you’re trying to sell to everyone, you are selling to no one. 

Figure out who likes books similar to yours, then learn everything about them. Become friends with them, spend time with them. Know their obstacles, their fears, their struggles, and what they want out of life. Know them. Because if you don’t know who you are selling to, they will never find you.

Ask yourself, who will your book benefit? This isn’t about being slimy and getting people who don’t need your book to buy it. It’s about knowing what value your book offers and finding the people looking for that value. Your first step to cultivating raving fans is to get clear on your ideal reader. 


2. Document and share your journey


Once you know who would be interested in your book, share the behind-the-scenes of your book writing journey. Whether it’s through a blog, a Youtube channel, social media, or an email list, share what’s going on. 

Share what you’re writing about, decisions on formatting, publishing challenges, the cover design process. All of it! 

It may seem mundane to you because you do it all the time, but most people have never written a book or know anyone who wrote a book. So it would be pretty cool for them to be able to come along on the journey with you because people are curious. Here are four ways to engage your prospective readers before you publish your book. 

  • Show the good and the bad. 
  • What do you do when you have writer’s block? 
  • Do you write every day? 
  • How do you reignite your creativity?

It can be overwhelming when you’re already focused on the huge task of publishing a book, but even posting once or twice a week can make an impact. There’s no need to create extra content, just document and share what you’re already doing. 

I know this can be hard for authors, but finding valuable readers is all about marketing. If you want people to buy your book once it’s out, you have to keep them in mind throughout the entire process. 


3. Encourage future readers to get involved


Everyone wants their voice heard. How cool would it be if your readers could be a part of your book? My ideal readers, teenagers, have never helped write a book before, so they were excited about the opportunity. 

I posted videos about the cover design and title and asked them for their thoughts and preferences. They could give their feedback in the comments. Sometimes I even gave away a book for someone whose suggestion got chosen.

I allowed them to be beta readers too. This is a great way to get reviews before your book is even out. Give them the first few chapters for free, and let them send you their feedback. I even put their names in the book. Who wouldn’t want to buy a book with their name in it? 

Ask them what they think. Could you give them a space to share their input? Of course, you always make the final decision, but you might as well have your readers be a part of the journey!

Ask your readers to give a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other site where your book is listed.


Marketing Takes Time, But It’s Worth It


Cultivating raving fans takes time. There is no formula to post one video, and all of a sudden, you have committed readers. It’s about building trust and offering value to your future readers before the book is even out. 

Listen and connect with your readers. Provide them with valuable information and engaging stories. If you invite your ideal readers onto your book writing journey, you’ll have people fighting to be the first one to buy your new book on launch day.



Bio: Maeve Ronan

How to Get Raving Fans for Your New Book marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Maeve Ronan is the author of multiple relatable self-improvement books for teens, including It’s the Depression for Me and It’s the Awkwardness for Me

She believes that every teen should have the resources to succeed, regardless of their circumstances. 

Her books are based on what she wishes she knew in middle and high school and insights from accomplished people around the world. 

Her third book, It’s the Confidence for Mewill be released in November 2021. 


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