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Poetry Break: 4 Poems by L. R. Laverde-Hansen

By: L. R. Laverde-Hansen



Poetry Break: 4 Poems by L. R. Laverde-Hansen marilyn l davis two drops of ink




I sing as nature’s truest hypocrite
For much in love am I with what I touch;
But never can I take this love as such
Since I know things that make me life’s ingrate.

So often have the hopes of good been slain
By that which would not care they live or die.
The cycle that would raise a low form high
Will kill it for another and not explain.

Reality—I am thine enemy!—

And will say so till the last soul bleeds pain,

For though you do aspire to Heaven’s high plane.
You are its shadow, its sunken parody.


But doubt not that I love the nature so,

If only there were a meaning I could know.


Composed in New York c. 1990s Latest Revision Newark August 2021


`Tis true—an aching rhapsody in verse


`Tis true—an aching rhapsody in verse
Shows art’s conception in the heart’s own womb,
But such a show are shadows, if not worse.
I wish I’d shown you love as you deserve
For you have much to worthily regard.
Instead I can but wish
That future times will yield.

Composed in New York Late 1990s.


The poet—what is such a being?


The poet—what is such a being?
Cast upon uncertain shores of memory,
Aware his impressions alone he does not have.
Yet still unsure how to reach his brothers
Who inspire, but also frustrate in effort.
This the person—a ‘he’ for now, but not always so.
But what, what makes the force that makes a poet?

Composed in New York December 24, 2000


Extra Verse


What is perfection, Mr. Grace?
Is it a sign from God of absolute control?
Is it a binding of strange strains into a newborn whole?
Is it a feeling of casual serenity that takes one on autopilot to stars beyond the clouds?
I really don’t know, Mr. Grace, what it is, but I do know If I reach it, I probably will know it and feel it.
And so will you.

Composed in New York August 9, 2000 Last Revision Newark May 2020


Bio: L. R. Laverde-Hansen

Poetry Break: 3 Poems by L. R. Laverde-Hansen marilyn l davis two drops of ink
Photo by: Michael Phillip Geffner

L. R. Laverde-Hansen was born in Tampa and raised in New York City. While attending New York University as an undergrad, he hitched himself to the art of writing, especially poetry. As a confederate of the Ancient Mariner, aka Phillip Giambri, he participated in numerous downtown open-mic events and was featured in his 2015 showcase, “What The Hell is Love?” at the legendary Cornelia Street Cafe. 

Listen to him read his poem on “Open Mic Gypsy” L. R. Laverde-Hansen for Rimes of The Ancient Mariner February 25, 2015

In 2018, L. R. co-founded Crossways Theatre, a community-based company focusing on premiering new plays. Crossways recently received a prestigious grant from The Puffin Foundation. In 2020 (prior to the pandemic) his play, Charles XII, King of Sweden, received its premiere reading in New York. 

His September 11th poem, “To the Icons of the Hour,”  will appear this September in the literary journal Valiant Scribe.

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