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Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani

By: Anwer Ghani

My Father


Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani marilyn l davis two drops of ink

I heard the whispers of our river in a precious moment. It was as colorful and magical as our souls are like my father’s tales, where you can see all the smiles that hide behind the veil and hear all the news that fills your heart with the breeze. Believe me; my father was a lot of silence. Still, he overflowed with love and planted a smile on our mouth, so you will find in my eyes nothing but colorful whispers and a river combing braids, a warm sun that always and tirelessly paints a colorful smile on her lips.

My father is not a poet, but he knows poetry very well, and one day he said that poetry in winter is more beautiful. Indeed, my father was a soldier, but he knew poetry very well, and on a winter’s day, he looked at the twilights and said that poetry in the winter is more beautiful. I was a kid at the time, but I knew hair well and thought that winter hair is more beautiful. My father said; That southern farmer and old soldier, winter is the season of poetry. The farmer’s son also believes that winter is the season of hair. We are from here; from the south; The land of poetry, where trees are pictures of hair, rivers are a stream of hair, and women cut hair.




Bio:  Anwer Ghani

Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani marilyn l davis two drops of ink

Anwer Ghani is an award-winning Iraqi poet and Pushcart nominee. His name has appeared in more than fifty literary magazines and twenty anthologies in USA, UK and Asia and he has won many prizes; one of them is the “World Laureate-Best Poet in 2017 from WNWU”.

In 2018 he was nominated to Adelaide Award for poetry and in 2019 he is the winner of Rock Pebbles Literary Award and the award of United Spirit of Writers Academy for Poetry.

He was born in 1973 in Babylon and he is a religious scholar, consultant nephrologist and author of more than a hundred books; thirty of them are in English like; “A Farmers Chant”; Inner Child Press 2019, and “Warm Moments”, Just Fiction, 2020.

Anwer is the editor in chief of Arcs Prose Poetry magazine.



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