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Poetry Break: Joe Morris

By: Joe Morris 
Poetry Break Joe Morris Two Drops of Ink Marilyn L Davis September

Indeed September

It had to be undoubtedly

On a sentimental journey

Where summer used to be

When the picnics of July

And August were reminiscent

Of those days when we were

Children of the age that yearned

For nothing just gratitude

And the reassuring call of

Mum and Dad

Who were always there

And will never fade

From view because their love

Was ours unconditional,

Full of the milk of human

Kindness but that’s because

We were at that point

When school and uniform

Meant brand new pristine

Fresh starts

Running into playgrounds

Where the children who

Were strangers to us

But then we found common

Ground, for they had to be

Friends for life, skipping to the

beat, scoring thousands of goals

Against walls with painted

Numbers, cricket wickets

Stones and conkers

Oh ceaseless ecstatic

Cries of torrential joy

Coats quite literally

For goalposts, Bobby

Charlton we were they

For five minutes until

The bell rang, the joyful

Mayhem, controlled chaos

Near drinking fountains

Untapped resources

And queued patiently for

A drink of youthful zest

Revival of childish imagination

Exploring September, inside

And outside, new terms

Of thought and curiosity

Feeding educational appetites

About the beginning of time

Finding about historical

Septembers, then casting our

Restless minds back through

The wilds of the past, the struggles

Of the present, the possibilities

That present themselves in

Glowing futures, when adolescence

Falls on us with a resounding

Moment when the grey and red

Shirts and ties were wrapped around

Forehead and waist

Not another disheveled day

When we thought untidiness

Was the order of the day

But soon learnt otherwise

Then suddenly teachers with barking

Reprimands, severe, rasping voices

Stand still, young children

The day has begun

Then ends on the verge

Of tea time

Oh fondly remembered

September and autumn

Leads into winter

How wonderful again


Bio: Joe Morris

Joe is a blogger and author of four books, including his memoir: No Joe Bloggs

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