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Poetry Break: Anne Hart

By: Anne Hart


Housewife, a poem


H umorists in pantyhose marched

O utside their hat boxes

U surping threads of a woven cloth

S heltered from the footprints through tides of time

E conomical ties saved by frugal fingers pounded against rocks

W ired to new lights of wisdom and wit to let the sunshine through

I nnocent as Eden.

F oresighted frongs flew in the rare sphere with confetti as

E mpathic free females paraded with confident voices of resilience to win the vote.



The day my household turned introvert for an hour


The abstract optimists leapt.

The concrete sensors slept.

Skies rode suns like concave hovels,

Grading idealistic opinions of novels.

The day noise outside my window turned quiet

For an hour of creative expression

And a bite of slow music confession

A new book bloomed instead of a riot.

The day more people on the block turned introvert for an hour

The traffic slowed with each chord in the dark,

Trapping in logistics, the photon and quark.

The day my household stopped to think

The past backed up through the kitchen sink.


Author’s Bio:

Anne Hart earned a B.S. in English Education, with a minor in anthropology, and an M.A. in English/creative writing emphasis, and began her writing career June 17, 1959.


Winner of the 1979 Mensa Essay Writing contest

1977 Harold Keen KFMBTV graduate scholarship in writing.

Hobbies: Reading for fun, writing, and appreciating art, paleoanthropology, nutrition research news, and listening to classical music of the Baroque era and appreciating the music of world folk dance and song.

Anne Hart wrote 87+ paperback books and some ebooks, taught part time in various community colleges, adult education, and lectured at some universities in past decades on the topic of creative writing and editing strategies.

A Few Books by Anne Hart

Sacramento Latina: When the One Universal We Have In Common Divides Us

The Wall Street Poems and Time-Traveling Short Story Series

Cover Letters, Follow-ups, Queries & Book Proposals

Additional list of Anne Hart’s books are on her website: Anne Hart…Writes… 


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