Why Is Unique Content So Difficult to Write? marilyn l davis two drops of ink annie moore

Why Is Unique Content So Difficult to Write?

By: Annie Moore


“Why waste a sentence saying nothing?” Seth Godin 


It’s Already Been Said – What Can I Add?


I think most writers want to say something worthwhile. The majority of the writers I know labor over words, phrases, and structure before they publish. And one of their main goals is to create a post or article that is unique. But unique content, while essential, is not straightforward. 

There are many aspects that a writer has to consider, such as: 

  • Plagiarism
  • Determining best links through research
  • Writing true to your voice, style, and tone to ensure it isn’t a duplicate of someone else
  • Giving personal examples to tell the story, show the reader how, or add interest 


How Plagiarism Hurts You


If you’re unfamiliar with plagiarism, in simple terms, it’s taking what someone else wrote and inserting it into your writing. It’s stealing. That is not to say that writers can’t use exact phrases, slang, and word choices, but you run into issues when using whole sections of someone else’s writing. 

Writing unique content is the only way to grab the attention of the reader. If you are providing them with copied data, they will leave your page.


Avoiding Plagiarism


A plagiarism checker can help check for plagiarism in your content if you’re uncertain about the originality and uniqueness of your writing. There are a variety of plagiarism checkers available on the internet, and most of them are free to use, although some require a fee. 

Many people believe that paid plagiarism checkers are effective only, and using a free checker is not a good choice. But it is entirely wrong as there are many checkers which are accessible and practical too. Both Copyspace and Grammarly offer plagiarism checkers. 


When You Find Plagiarism In Your Content


You can rewrite your post to remove the plagiarized content or try one or more of the following if you find you’ve plagiarized:  


1. Cite The Sources 


Citations are the most effective approach to make content unique and plagiarism-free. A good plagiarism checker will not highlight content as plagiarized if you correctly use citations in your content. 

There is more than one citation type, but using in-text citations can be the most effective and recommended, especially for students. But the very first thing we need to do is, keep track of sources, and then you can easily cite them.

If you don’t track the sources, it can be challenging to put citations in the content. The second approach is to add a reference page in the content.


2. Use Paraphrasing Tools


The sentence rephraser is a tool that replaces content with synonyms, making content unique and plagiarism-free. 

Paraphrasing tools remove plagiarism but aren’t restricted to removing plagiarism only. Sometimes, a writer has a deadline, and he needs to write content that will be unique and readable; using a rephraser, like Wordtune, can be a good option. 


Is Using Online Tools Legal?


Using online tools is entirely legal, and there are many benefits of using these tools. But a checker is only beneficial as long as it is efficient and intelligent so, we need to find an innovative online tool that can fulfill our requirements.

Here are some of the benefits of using these tools:


1. Saves Time


It is not wrong to say that using online tools can save your time as well. All we need to do is copy-paste, and we are all set to get the results so, it is pretty clear that using tools is very efficient and time-saving.

These online tools are not restricted to finding plagiarism but are suitable for checking any writing, and many in the educational sector use them for checks. 


2. Saves Energy


We all have a limited amount of energy on any given day. We set out to finish our post, and life intrudes – other obligations drain us, and we can’t rewrite that post, so using a rephraser can come in handy at those times of depleted reserves of energy. 


3. Cost-free and Paid Versions


Trying a free option lets you know if you should spend the money on the paid version of the application. It used to be that students spent a lot of money on calculators; now, the online versions, free and paid, serve their purpose. 


3 Ways To Ensure Unique Content 


Why Is Unique Content So Difficult to Write? marilyn l davis two drops of ink annie moore


Generating unique content is an exciting task. However, it is challenging. Before you publish, ask yourself:

  • Did you create an interesting headline?
  • Is your content engaging throughout the entire post?
  • Are there valuable tips contained in your writing?
  • Did you provide them with helpful suggestions or directions for improving something?
  • Were you entertaining?

Here are three ways to ensure that your content is unique, readable, and makes readers stay until the end of your post or article. 


1. Use Powerful Headlines


A post’s title is the first thing that makes your text unique. To grab your reader’s attention, write a unique and powerful headline that can attract visitors. If you write great content with a very low-quality headline, there will be no chance that the audience will get attracted. 

While you read a newspaper or any article, notice the headlines and mimic them.  


 2. Read Other Authors


For example, suppose your professor gave you the assignment to write on “best tactics for upgrading your car.” Maybe you are a car lover and have an idea about it, but your mind can provide limited information about these tactics. So, try to read other authors before going to write on it. Most bloggers use this technique to write exclusive content.

To get more ideas and make a creative assignment, you have to read other people’s articles about what they think about it, providing you with more knowledge. Then you creatively write your project. 

Try to avoid plagiarism in the text as it may harm your reputation. Always use a plagiarism checker to make sure that the generated content is unique from other authors.

If you unintentionally duplicate the content, the checker alerts you, and you remove or rephrase the inappropriate content. 


 3. Write From Personal Experience


The best thing to make the content different from other authors is to add your own opinions and experiences while writing the text. Try to avoid just facts and figures in your article, as they can bore your reader. For this, they can go to Wikipedia, Google, Bing, or Duck Duck Go to get the essential information. They are visiting your page to get something unique. 

Provide them with some new ideas that can pay for the time they are spending on your page.

Share your thoughts on the content, and if your thoughts, feelings, or experiences are new for the reader, they will pay attention.

Don’t worry whether people agree with your opinions because you provided them with your personal experience. It is a better way to make your text unique and keep people on your site. 



Bio: Annie Moore

Annie Moore is an SEO & Content Manager, writing articles for online business marketers, education, tech, and content writers, helping them rank higher on Google. 

Her articles regularly appear on many websites, i.e., eLearning Industry, Educational, Creative Writing, and Inside Tech Box, where she contributes articles about digital marketing, SEO writing techniques, and tech. 

To contact Annie: anniemoore798@gmail.com 




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Why Is Unique Content So Difficult to Write? marilyn l davis two drops of ink annie moore

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