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Sunday Spotlight: Amanda Winstead

By: Marilyn L. Davis, Editor-in-Chief


Welcome to our Newest Monthly Contributor


Sunday Spotlight: Amanda Winstead marilyn l davis two drops of ink


It’s always exciting to have a new monthly contributor, and I’d like to introduce you to Amanda Winstead. Each writer brings their unique voice, style, and tone to their posts at Two Drops of Ink and Amanda adds a fresh approach to each of her posts. 

Amanda looks at the realities of writing full-time and part-time in her debut post, The Modern Writer: How Feasible is Writing as a Full-Time Job?  Breaking down the pros and cons for each, she helps us understand the feasibility of how much time we have to devote to our writing, and where and how we can monetize our writing. 

I’ve talked about my poet envy before, but Amanda helped me understand that limiting myself to the ‘traditional’ poems wasn’t necessary. In Poetry’s Comeback & Evolution Today , she introduces us to ‘contemporary’ verse:

And who knows, with this newfound education from Amanda, I may forgo “Roses are red” and create something more modern. But if I were to delve into poetry, I’d have to find the time to research, look at multiple images, schedule that write time between Two Drops of Ink and From Addict 2 Advocate, and feeding Jackson. 

Sound familiar? When do we write? How do we overlook the distractions? 

Again, Amanda has given us valuable tips on How to Minimize Distractions in Your Writing Space. 

I hope you’ll take the time to click on Amanda’s posts at Two Drops of Ink. I know you’ll learn something that helps your writing or poetry, just as I did. 



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