Tea, Lost Treasures, and Time to Read

By: Marilyn L. Davis


Tea? It’s Made – The Book? It’s Selected


“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”C. S. Lewis

It’s overcast today; the leaves are starting to accumulate in the backyard, covering the mossy tree trunks. Fall means I need to get ready to be indoors, and indoors means tea and time to read. 

2021 pleasure reading is “ancient secret scroll/relic/artifact/object or codex, that if found by the evil, equally secret sect will render humanity extinct unless, of course, the good society/lodge/fraternity or organization can reclaim it first.” I realize you won’t find that doing a Google search, but it could be a genre. 

I know most of you are thinking Dan Brown, Steve Berry, or Clive Clusser. While I’ve read several by all three authors, I was looking for something like theirs, but not just theirs. I found some suggestions at  What Should I Read Next but couldn’t purchase them, meaning I had to go to various sites, which took too long. Unfortunately, it was the same with BooksLikeThisOne

Then I discovered Thriftbooks.


Wow – A Whole Lot of Relic Books!


I love a site that gets me, and the search feature at Thriftbooks brought up lots of new authors and sub-categories for my new “genre.” Besides showing all the books by a particular author, there’s another feature that shows similar content. 

What authors did Thriftbooks find for me?

  • James Becker
  • Sam Cabot
  • Sam Christer
  • Paul Christopher
  • A. M. Dean
  • Thomas Greanis
  • Tom Knox
  • John Lyman
  • Scott Mariani
  • Glen Meade
  • Simon Toyne


Added Features at Thriftbooks


Each book has a good synopsis, and I can order new books or choose the condition of used books, from excellent, good, or acceptable. Typically, a hard-backed book is priced from $3.70 – 15.00, less than most sites. And with free shipping, what’s not to like. Deliveries are usually four to six days.

Are some of you leaving the article right now to check it out? Wait, there’s more value to discuss. 

Thriftbooks has an entire section on Accelerated Reading for Children. AR, for short, is a program used in schools to divide books by reading level rather than grade. I’ve gotten my grandkids books until they were old enough to start making their selections. Now, three of my grandkids have their own accounts to take advantage of the free books. 

Another added feature of the site is the Wish List. I’ve got several books on there now, and with Christmas just around the corner, I know what to tell my kids to buy me. 


Just Give Me Books


For those of us who value and treasure books – the kind you hold in your hand, breathing in the sometimes musty smells of often-read volumes, well we know how exciting it is to find a site that lets us isolate our favorite genres.

I’m like all other Nanas; I’ve got enough bathrobes, but never enough books or teas to try. I’ve got all my leisure books neatly arranged for the fall reading on a trunk in my bedroom. That’s why I love Thriftbooks. They get me.


Reading and MadTeaClub


MadTeaClub offers me the same options that Thriftbooks does. There is a lot of variety, and while I have my favorites, I like to find new teas to try. 

A friend introduced me to Masala Chai years ago, and I found myself using twice as much tea to amp the flavor. With the double spice Masala Chai from Vahdam, I use fewer leaves and feel like a real aficionado with my stainless steel infuser. 

Then there are times I want that English experience, full-bodied black tea for the morning, either English or Irish Breakfast or the more delicate afternoon blends, like Darjeeling’s or Chinese Oolongs. 

Nighttime doesn’t stop me from drinking tea, either. Herbal teas are called tisanes, and since they typically don’t contain tea leaves, there’s usually no caffeine. Herbs, flowers, and fruits make up these excellent wind-down teas. 


Reading and Sipping Tea Qualify as Work for A Writer


Before you decide that reading isn’t a productive habit for writers, remember the words of Stephen King, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” So I’ll check my shelves, look for something that intrigues me, and sit by the window and read.


There’s Books to Help Us Improve as Writers, Too


It’s not just pleasure reading that excites me about Thriftbooks. I’ve also ordered some “Reading to Write Better” books. Again, at less than five dollars for the following writers, I think it’s a great deal.

  • Sherry Ellis
  • Martha Kolln and Robert Funk
  • Anne Lamott
  • Richard Lederer
  • Max Morenberg
  • Jeff Sommers
  • William Zinsser
  • Roy Clark
  • Sherry Ellis
  • Susan Rabiner 
  • Alfred Fortunato


What Are Your Book and Tea Site Recommendations? 


I’m always looking for a new book or tea site, and I think you are probably just as reliable as Google, so what are your recommendations? Leave a site name in a comment, and I’ll think of you when I purchase. 


Reality, Relic, or Writing Day?


Now it’s time to see if my hero is any closer to finding the relic. After all, we don’t need yet another thing to worry about with the pandemic. 



Bio: Marilyn L. Davis


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She is also the author of Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate and Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indie Books, and Books A Million.



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