Content or Copywriting? Which Is Right for You?

By: Jenny Divine


What Does the Client Need? Content or Copywriting? 


When businesses require written material, they usually seek out a copywriter or a content writer. Copywriting and content writing are two forms of writing that are often mistaken for each other. While they share many similarities, a copywriter is nonetheless different from a content writer. Understanding the differences between the two is crucial for writers hoping to pursue either form of writing and create content for companies.  


What Is Content Writing? 


Content or Copywriting? Which Is Right for You? jenny divine marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Content writing is the creation of written content that provides value to consumers. While copywriting is focused on selling the reader, content writing aims to entertain or inform their target audience. A content writer engages the customer using educational or entertaining content. 

Therefore, content writers must use their writing to connect with their readers and convince them to trust the company. Essentially, content writing is a more subtle form of copywriting. 


Tips On How To Write Great Content And Attract Readers 


Content writers must be skilled at writing specialized long-form content for websites and other mediums. They must be capable of researching to create informational content that is fact-based and easy to understand for their readers. “Since content writing is intended to engage consumers, writers should be able to convey information in a manner that hooks the reader’s interest,” advises Sara Nisbet, a content writer aLucky Assignments. “To do this, a copywriter must be a good storyteller.” 

In addition to writing high-quality content, content writers can attract readers to the company’s website by researching important keywords and familiarizing themselves with SEO practices. Furthermore, their headlines and titles should improve readability for their target audience.


Types of Content Writing 


Since content writing aims to convince readers to engage with the brand and develop a trusting relationship with the business, it typically aims to be entertaining or informational. Content writers produce the following forms of writing: 

  • Blogs. Blog posts and articles are the perfect way for content writers to inform their readers of a particular topic or provide entertainment value. 
  • E-books. E-books are another great way for content writers to provide helpful information to readers. Many companies offer free e-books to convince their target audience to try their product.
  • Email newsletters. Email newsletters offer another excellent method for companies to engage their customers using quality content writing. Good content writers know how to use an email newsletter to improve a company’s image and build trust with readers. 


What Is Copywriting? 


Content or Copywriting? Which Is Right for You? jenny divine marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Copywriting is the creation of marketing or advertising material for a company. The purpose of copy-text is to advertise the brand, product, or service of a specific business. A copywriter must persuade their readers to take up a call to action, such as:

Ultimately, the goal of a copywriter is to convince and sell through captivating and memorable writing.  


Tips On How To Write Great Copy That Sells


To find success as a copywriter, writers should work on their tone of voice. Not only should their language choice reflect the brand’s voice and style, but they must also somehow balance empathy with a tone of urgency. Copywriters need to be empathetic to understand their target audience better and encourage consumers to associate the company with positive emotions. However, they must also write with a tone of urgency to persuade their audience to purchase a product or service. 

Aspiring copywriters should improve their storytelling and SEO-writing skills. A copywriter must learn to tell interesting stories with their writing while ensuring the text is SEO-friendly. 


Types Of Copywriting 


Since copywriting aims to sell, their writing needs to promote the brand’s image and highlight the best features of a product or service. Copywriters produce the following forms of writing: 

  • Social media posts. As social media expands its reach, copywriters typically create content on various platforms catered to their target audience. 
  • Landing pages. A prime example of copywriting is the landing page of any website. Copywriters ensure the text on these web pages depicts the company in the best light while containing essential keywords that will help the website rank higher on search engine searches. 
  • Press releases. This form of copywriting focuses on enhancing the brand’s image and appeal to consumers. It’s also an excellent way to communicate any achievements accomplished by the company. 


What’s The Difference Between Copywriting And Content Writing? 


While there are many similarities between copywriting and content writing, but they have fundamental differences. 

1. Goal/Purpose 

The goal of a copywriter is to sell their brand image, product, or service. Their primary goal is to convince the consumer to purchase. Meanwhile, a content writer aims to improve the brand’s reputation and increase customer engagement with quality content.

2. Intended Emotional Response 

Copywriting creates a sense of urgency in its target audience. It encourages consumers to take swift action, such as visiting the company’s website, purchasing a product, or signing up for a newsletter. In contrast, content writing attempts to capture the reader’s interest and earn their trust. 

3. Length 

A copywriter usually writes short-form copy. They must persuade their readers with concise content and a clear call to action. On the other hand, a content writer writes long-form content. They attract and hook readers with an in-depth exploration of a specific topic. 

4. SEO 

Both copywriters and content writers are typically well-versed in SEO practices. However, content writers tend to focus more on SEO because they need to write about trending topics aligned with the company’s brand. They must also include important keywords in their writing to boost traffic to the company’s website. 

5. Traffic 

While a content writer’s job is to drive traffic to the company’s website using good SEO practices, a copywriter’s job is to capitalize on this and convert the traffic into sales or leads. 


Content or Copywriting? Which Is Right for You? jenny divine marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Content or Copywriting: Which Works for You?  


Although content writing and copywriting share many similarities, they cater to fundamentally different business needs and interact with readers differently. Now that you have a better understanding of both, you can better decide which form of writing is most suitable for you. 




Content or Copywriting? Which Is Right for You? jenny divine marilyn l davis two drops of ink Bio: Jenny Divine

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