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Create a Blog or Submit a Guest Post?

By: Marilyn L. Davis




Why Do You Want to Blog?


“Search engines love blogs Once you own a blog that is up and running, it will be listed in most search engines worldwide. This basically means more popularity for you and your work. You’ll be able to interact with more people and build more connections — be it business partners or golf buddies. You will get a legitimate chance of communication worldwide and having your voice heard.” Jason Wolf, Blogging: Blogging Blackbook

There are several advantages to having a blog. They allow you to write about your passion, sell products, promote causes, and offer helpful advice and tips on any subject. Whether a person purchases a WordPress site or starts with a free blog site doesn’t matter, either. 

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “Why do I want to blog?” After you’ve answered your why, then you need to decide what type of blog are you looking to develop? 


Five Types of Blogs


“The most successful bloggers are those who are focused and not all over the place. In other words, they are experts in a particular niche or field and are not Jacks-of-all-trades.” ―― Jason Wolf, Blogging: Blogging Blackbook

Categorizing blogs simplifies what you might want to create.

Personal Blogs

The “first blog” was developed by Justin Hall while he was a student, and it was his personal homepage on  Back then, only programmers understood the mechanics of blogging. WordPress, Wix, Tumblr, and other platforms now allow us to create diary-type entries that are the backbone of personal blogs. 

Business Blogs

If you have a product, service, or skill that you want to promote, then writing about them can increase revenue. 

Niche Blogs

Got a passion for fashion? Saved all of Granny Jones’ family recipes? Know how to build a house? 

The internet is full of influencers, food fanatics, and people who don’t know the right end of a screwdriver that need to know about you and your talents. If you can’t write good content, hire someone to write about you.

Reverse Blogs

Two Drops of Ink is a reverse blog. We knew that we wanted to provide a platform for seasoned, new, and aspiring writers when we created it. We actively solicit guest posts, have a stable list of monthly contributors, and promote others on the site through links to their books, blogs, and other writings. 

If you’re not sure whether you can create new and exciting content on your own, then a reverse blog could provide you with the base. Now, you incentivize others to write for you. 

Media Blog

Podcasts, photo blogging, travel blogs, and vlogging are all great ways to get your message out there. In 2005, with the launch of YouTube, every storyteller, pitch person, recording artist, and trend-setter got a platform. 

Not everyone can write content or hire someone, but they or their product has camera appeal. Some everyday people have massive followings because they’ve captured a market. I remember when my grandson was into Minecraft. He would spend hours watching someone else play the game, not necessarily for tips, but just to see the world built. So, your talent may be in demonstrating something for curious readers.


Ready to Blog? 


If you can isolate the type of blog you want, you still have to decide on your platform. No one blogging platform offers everything you’ll need to start. Sometimes, linking to other content conveys the message better, so review this from QuickSprout:

  • WordPress Best for highly scalable and customizable blogs
  • Wix — Best for beginners building a professional blog
  • Squarespace — Best for photographers, artists, and designers
  • LinkedIn — Best for networking with thought leaders and influencers
  • Medium — Best for writing to a built-in audience

After migrating from Blogspot, Two Drops of Ink and From Addict 2 Advocate are WordPress sites. It’s necessary to see what features you’ll need to present your blog professionally. Look to see what themes, plugins, and widgets are available for you with any platform. 

Some platforms are expensive, even before adding the additional cost of plugins, SEO optimization, or image caching. For a comprehensive listing of plugins, you might need, this is a great introductory article to help you.  


Not Ready to Blog? 


I understand how scary it is to contemplate starting a blog when considering all the competition for readers and followers. A simple way to introduce yourself to the blogging world is to guest post. Copyblogger’s Stefanie Flaxman has shared guest posting best practices for serious writers. She says, “You’ll find that most high-quality sites don’t need more of the same information that their regular writers contribute. Instead, those blogs often look for articles about related topics that demonstrate expertise. In other words: original, useful content is expressed through a unique writing voice.”

We’ve made the process simple: submit a poem, prose, or problem-solving post for writers and bloggers. Within your bio, you’ll receive links to any books or other writing you have. 


Why Your Guest Post Matters


How something is said is as important as what is said. I’ve touted this phrase for over 25 years working with the addicted population. I call it translating. There are times that my language, choice of words, or examples don’t make sense to someone. 

Or they may have preconceived notions of listening to a woman tell them what to do. Take the individual who had an overbearing or addicted mother. It’s reasonable to assume that some will tune out my message of recovery because of their association with their mother. It works the same way even when the topics are blogging, writing excellent content, or advice for writers and bloggers. 

There are ways to add your experiences within those seemingly narrow topics, which will likely differ from mine. 

It’s your approach and perspective that will make any guest post unique. It’s not necessary to plunge into the deep end of the pool and create a blog to get noticed. Just submit a guest post. 


Benefits of a Guest Post


As Ben Fox pointed out, authors are responsible for marketing today, and a guest post can be a part of that strategy. 

What are some of the benefits of guest posts? 

  • There is no fee for a published guest post – free publicity 
  • You increase your exposure – grow your audience
  • A guest post boosts referral traffic – readers migrate to your site
  • Each guest post strengthens your online authority – PR without the price tag
  • You expand your online network – connections create opportunities


Bio: Marilyn L. Davis

Marilyn L. Davis is the Editor-in-Chief at From Addict 2 Advocate and Two Drops of Ink. She is also the author of Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate and Memories into Memoir: The Mindsets and Mechanics Workbook, available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, Indie Books, and Books A Million.  

For editing services, contact her at 

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