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Poetry Break: Archan Mehta: Five Poems

By: Dr. Archan Mehta


Poetry Break: Archan Mehta: Five Poems marilyn l davis two drops of ink Poem # 1: Searching for Poetry


I searched for poetry,

But could not find it:

Among the stars

Shining brightly in

The night sky—

I danced madly

As if there was no


I searched wildly

For poetry among

The hustle and bustle

Of huge concrete jungles

With towering landscapes

But could not locate poetry.

And later, when I was

Walking alone, back home,

A baby passing by—

Why, she smiled,

And suddenly I knew in

My heart that I had

Finally found my art.


Poem # 2: Memories


In the end,

All we are left with

Are memories:

Not anything concrete or measurable

Like money or a mansion

But memories

Of a lost love,

Or a picture that

Speaks eloquently about yesterday:

A brittle twig that reminds us

Of scampering through the woods,

A Barbie doll that reminds

Us of a lost and forgotten childhood.

In the end,

All we have are memories:

A fading memory when

Time stood still:

The moment of our first

Joy ride in Disneyland,

Or our first crush,

The first rush of blood

Playing sports,

The snow-white dove

We set free:

After all, these

Memories are about

You and me.


Poem # 3: On Solitude


Everybody I know

Wants to fit in,

Sing in a choir,

But I, for one, do

Not crave company

And prefer to stand

Apart from crowds:

Mob mentality scares me,

They can tear you from

Limb to limb if you get

On the wrong side of them.

Instead, I seek solitude.

Solitude is bliss if you

Let it enter your life.

What does a human

Being need, after all?

An open sky, swaying

Palm trees, music playing

In the background, and

A book to celebrate the

Free ride of the imagination.

That way, you can

Easily forget about

The world for a while,

And celebrate your own

Self with style.


Poem # 4: Poet’s Fancy


A poet

In isolation

Writes verse,

As a matter of course,

To beautify an ugly world

And to express

The still, inner voice.

No win or loss

Bothers the poet,

For the poet is not

Of this world.

For a poet,

Life begins,

Life ends,

Like a snake

Who sheds dead skin:

A poet changes colors

Several times

And pours

Another glass of wine.


Poem # 5: Finally


We fall,

One by one,



In a bowling alley.

Every call

We receive

Announces the death

Of a friend.

After all,

Death is an equal

Opportunity employer.

Death waits for nobody

And visits at a moment’s notice,

Without an appointment,


Like a shark

Attacking you

In the deep blue ocean.

Death is a hired assassin

With a single bullet

That is aimed at you.

Taking cover

Won’t help:

Death is a

Murderer by stealth.


Bio: Dr. Archan Mehta

Poetry Break: Dr. Archan Mehta marilyn l davis two drops of ink Poetry Break: Archan Mehta: Five Poems marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Archan Mehta has earned a Ph.D. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Consultant and Writer based in India who trains clients in Stress Management through the ancient practice of meditation.

Dr. Mehta’s articles and case studies have been featured in HR Future. HR Future is a leading HR magazine based in South Africa, sourced by prestigious ivy league schools in America (USA) like Harvard and Princeton. 

In 1990, Dr. Mehta won a national award for a short story in Onlooker Magazine based in Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra, India. The Judge was the late, great Khushwant Singh, India’s celebrated Journalist, Editor, Author, and Columnist.


Dr. Mehta’s works have appeared in numerous publications:

  • American Poetry Anthology
  • Poets United to Advance the Arts
  • The Times of India
  • The Indian Express
  • Mid-Day
  • HR Future, Business Manager
  • India Today
  • Sportsweek
  • The Statesman
  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • All India Management Association
  • People Matters
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Onlooker

Dr. Mehta is a member of several professional organizations, such as Society for Human Resource Management, Indian Society for Training and Development, Academy of HRD, Rural Marketing Association of India, Ahmedabad Management Association, Human Resource Association of India, Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences, National HRD Network and All India Management Association.

Dr. Mehta likes to stroll outdoors, listen to music, party with close friends, and read in his free time. 

Please feel free to reach out to the poet at archanm@hotmail.com or through LinkedIn.

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