Two Drops of Ink Writing Services - Coming Soon..... marilyn l davis

Two Drops of Ink Writing Services – Coming Soon…

“An unedited manuscript is a first draft of story; but is not a finished product. Too many writers study the craft of writing but do not acquire the skills of an editor.”
― Michael J. Kannengieser

Note from the Editor-in-Chief, Marilyn L. Davis

I’ve wanted to offer our readers valuable services for some time. Some time is that vague term for when we’ve got an idea and can’t implement it for whatever reason. Well, some time is January 14, 2022, when we’ll launch Writing Services by the monthly contributors at Two Drops of Ink. 


Who are the Monthly Contributors? 


  • Dr. Anwer Ghani
  • Dr. Archan Mehta
  • Dr. Claudia Ricci
  • Dr. Noelle Sterne


Why Offer Writing Services?


We know that writers only need pen and paper or a keyboard and Internet access to publish. But is everything published polished? Not at all. 

That’s where the services our monthly contributors offer will help you make your latest post, paper, or poem publish-worthy. 


Writing Services Coming to Two Drops of Ink


  1. Coaching for Writers and Bloggers
  2. Copy Editing
  3. Developmental Editing
  4. Dissertation Editing
  5. Poetry Coaching
  6. Proofreading
  7. Stress Reduction


How Will You Benefit? 


When you hire one of the monthly contributors, you gain knowledgeable, professional, published poets, writers, and editors. 

These writers are authors, scholars, former journalists, teachers, and acclaimed poets. Most of them are award-winning writers and hiring them means you’re working with someone who understands that the second set of eyes is crucial to producing the best writing. With them, you’ll create an exceptional relationship where they appreciate your efforts, encourage you, and offer suggestions to polish your writing.  


Countdown to Contributor’s Services


We’re hard at work to bring you something new and exciting. We’re still building each contributor’s page to highlight their services, so mark your calendar for this exciting addition to Two Drops of Ink.


Two Drops of Ink Writing Services - Coming Soon..... marilyn l davis

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