Poetry Break: 4 Poems by Dr. Archan Mehta http://twodropsofink.com marilyn l davis

Poetry Break: 3 Poems by Dr. Archan Mehta

Dr. Archan Mehta

Poetry Break: 3 Poems by Archan Mehta two drops of ink marilyn l davis

Poem #1: Saintly Preaching?


And then,

The saints came

Marching in,

One foot in 

Front of another,

In a single file,

One by one,

And gosh,

The saints

Really demanded attention!

Boy, you will be considered

A success in this life

Only if you pursue

Medicine or law or

Engineering and so on,

Nothing else matters

Get the point, boy?

But what if you don’t

Fit into these neat, little,

Dark and convenient boxes?

Why it felt creepy

Even to think about it:

That is, to swim 

Upstream against the tide.

Those were the days

When conventional mindsets

Ruled, and you were 

Considered an oddball

If you refused to

Tow the official line.

Why, if you wanted to pursue

A life of aesthetics and imagination,

That is, dabble in poetry,

Only our good and dear Lord

Could “save” you!

The “experts” with power,

Influence and social status

Drove big ambassador cars 

And were treated like Gods

By their servile flatterers

And acolytes:

After all, the masses

Worshipped power instead of merit.

Thus, with a heavy heart,

I decided to follow my bliss

And remain true to my

Calling, despite the odds.


Poem #2: On Being a Poet


Hey, do I have

To actually spell

It out for you?

Really? Gee whiz!

As my favorite tennis

Player, John McEnroe,

Would say:

Why, you can’t be serious!

Well, rent a brain if

You don’t have one already.

I am a poet; after all,

Don’t you see, and I must

Say I am darned 

Proud of myself.

What did you expect?

That I actually work

For a living?

You gotta be kidding me, folks.

Work is what shmucks

Like you do, not yours truly.

Do you really expect me to

Turn into a corporate slave

Like you? Like everybody else?

Who do you think

You are? My role model?

Forget about it; I’m not going

To punch a clock from 9 to 9.

You see, brothers and sisters,

Soul-crushing work bothers 

Me and I suffer from acne

And sensitive skin and pimples.

I also detest people, in general,

And people hate me in return.

Why should I have to put up

With obnoxious co-workers

And sadistic bosses?

They aren’t worth a dime

Of my time and rob my energy.

I tried completing routine tasks

But found myself turning into

A zombie or robot: in fact,

I felt like a machine on steroids.

I don’t belong in any workplace:

I expect others to do my dirty

Work and I deserve credit

For everything, they do for me.

Don’t you dare try to get

To know me: I am a difficult

Person. What did you expect?

Shirley Temple?

Paul Newman?

Robert Redford?

Florence Nightingale?

Doris Day? Alice in Wonderland?

Mother Teresa?

Trust me; I am not a 

Walk in the park.

After all,

I am a poet,

For crying out loud.

And breaking rules

Is part of my game.

And, if you don’t

Like it, well,

Abandon ship

And move to

Another planet.

I guess this just

Ain’t your lucky day!


Poem #3: Poet’s Confusion? 


My pen lies

Empty of thought:

I do not know

What I seek.

I tried hiding

Under a bed:

I tried liquids

And beverages

And substances

But, in the end,

Nothing worked for me.

I wanted to be creative,

You see but could not.

Thwarted by my own

Lack of talent, haunted

By images: blurry visions

Of phantoms patrolling

Earth and sky. I picked up

My pen but could not write.

Foggy clouds descended

Over me. I was clearly

Out of touch with reality.


Bio: Dr. Archan Mehta

Poetry Break: Dr. Archan Mehta marilyn l davis two drops of ink

Archan Mehta has earned a Ph.D. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Consultant and Writer based in India who trains clients in Stress Management through the ancient practice of meditation.

Dr. Mehta’s articles and case studies have been featured in HR Future. HR Future is a leading HR magazine based in South Africa, sourced by prestigious ivy league schools in America (USA) like Harvard and Princeton. 

In 1990, Dr. Mehta won a national award for a short story in Onlooker Magazine based in Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra, India. The Judge was the late, great Khushwant Singh, India’s celebrated Journalist, Editor, Author, and Columnist.


  • American Poetry Anthology
  •  Poets United to Advance the Arts
  • The Times of India
  • The Indian Express
  • Mid-Day
  • HR Future, Business Manager
  • India Today
  • Sportsweek
  • The Statesman
  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • All India Management Association
  • People Matters
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Onlooker

Dr. Mehta is a member of several professional organizations, such as Society for Human Resource Management, Indian Society for Training and Development, Academy of HRD, Rural Marketing Association of India, Ahmedabad Management Association, Human Resource Association of India, Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences, National HRD Network and All India Management Association.

Dr. Mehta likes to stroll outdoors, listen to music, party with close friends, and read in his free time. 

Connect with Dr. Archan Mehta

Please feel free to reach out to the poet at archanm@hotmail.com or through LinkedIn. 

Other poetry by Dr. Mehta on Two Drops of Ink 


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