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Poetry Break: Noah Kirsch

By: Noah Kirsch 


This morning,

I was the little spider,

Playing in the sink,

Caught by surprise

When the faucet

Let out a violent

Jet of water

I paused,

to let the spider,

Find its way,

To a drier part of the counter,

Until some thought,

Popped into my head.

Before I knew it,

There was the water,

Attacking again,

And, oh no, the spider, drowning, soaked,

No helping hand,

Could be offered.


Barely any resistance,

His exoskeleton was soggy,

he was gone,

And so too,

Was a part of me.

How reckless,

I felt,

Letting my attention slip,

How much do we suffer,

when our thoughts like water,

drip, drip, drip.




Bio: Noah Kirsch

Noah Kirsch is a solar developer who spends his free time meditating, learning about the intersection of science and spirituality, running, skiing, traveling nomadically throughout the U.S., and writing poetry.

He has been writing poems since 2015. He lives in the Roaring Fork Valley in Carbondale, Colorado, when he’s not traveling in his truck. Noah grew up in Austerlitz, New York, where Mary Oliver once lived at Steepletop.

Noah has drawn inspiration from his experiences, relationships, and places that have been a part of his life.



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