8 Tips for Engaging and Successful Blog Posts

By: Thomas Glare


What’s The Secret of Successful Blog Posts? 


“The most successful bloggers are those who are focused and not all over the place. In other words, they are experts in a particular niche or field and are not Jacks-of-all-trades.” ― Jason Wolf

Would you like to know how to write a successful blog post that will attract tons of visitors to your website? Here are eight tips to make your blog posts engaging. 


A Draft is Still a Beginning 


Almost all good writing starts with horrible first efforts, but you need to start somewhere. Many online guides can tell you how to write a good blog post to attract millions of readers. They can teach you blogging rights, what to write, and what not to do. Explore them carefully, and you can learn how to craft an excellent blog post. Yes, you could even create something that brings you a worshiping fan or more.

But if you want to increase your followers, you need something better than garden-variety instructions

Here are tips used by professional freelance writers to make spellbinding blog pieces, loved by thousands. So, what are the essential secrets of crafting compelling headlines, drawing introductions, tempting advice, and boosting final lines?


1. Know Your Individual Style of Writing


Before choosing what to write about, you have to know how to write about it. There’s a reader for every style of writing. Understand what writing style suits you best, then find the readers it resonates with, mindful that how you say it is what makes the post yours. If you do not follow your style, you may lose people who are your long-standing readers. 

Write how you speak. When your text reads like you, it will attract people who follow you on social media. 

Do you like making bullet lists in real life? Write in bullet lists. Do you think jumping from one thought to the other? Write in long paragraphs. It doesn’t matter which style you choose as long as it’s authentic for you. 


2. Personality Is Important for Your Blog Posts


People love reading about interesting personalities, as well as reading a post that has the writer’s personality in it. 

Some want to read about stand-up comics, or you can interject your humor into a post where appropriate. Who cares if you haven’t performed a stand-up routine? If you’re funny or witty, it will come through in your writing.

Are you serious? That’s fine as long as you don’t border on preachy. Some topics require the writer to take the subject seriously. Make sure your words still sound like you, though, and not some nerdy academic in front of the class, unless that is your personality. 


3. Do Not Overwrite


Traffic specialists argue every day about the best length for a blog post. Blog posts of over 2500 words draw traffic, but a longer post often needs relief points for the readers with images or white space, not just more words. 

Think about the last time you read a long post and remember what captured your attention enough to read it. Strive for that if you’re writing a longer blog post. 

However, if you can express your ideas briefly, it is a better approach if it’s your typical way of writing. 


4. Choose Your Blog’s Theme


To create a blog, you need ideas of what to write about, and it should be something that captures your interest, allows you to share your expertise, and is sustainable. Where can you find the ideas? Look around you. Our life offers numerous blog ideas daily. 

What topics offer you the best opportunity to share your knowledge? 

  1. Personal life? Ok, start writing about relationships. 
  2. Lack of money? Learn and discuss different ways to get additional funds into your life. 
  3. Cooking? Then review your family recipes.

Everyone is an expert on some topic. Write about the themes that let your readers know your experiences, solid advice, and interests. If you stay with the subjects, you know and create new and exciting posts about your topic, your readers will return for more.


5. Make an Outline


While some writers start with a title, it’s not necessary. Sometimes the title emerges while you’re writing. Make a short outline of your post using subheadings as a starting point. Start writing about points for that subheading when you have an idea that fits under a particular subheading. Don’t forget to research the topic of your blog post to sound more authentic and add value to the blog post. 


6. Format on The Go


Do you spend lots of time doing nothing on the go? I mean the time we spend in public transport, standing in a line to get the morning coffee, or just doing nothing waiting for something else. It’s a good time to format the blog post you wrote the day before. Adding italic, bold headlines, internal and external links, and bullet lists are essential if you want your blog piece to look outstanding.

It is beneficial to provide internal links to some of your other blog posts, which can increase your page’s views. You can make a Google doc with all of your titles and links, or if you are using Yoast on your WordPress site, it will alert you to similar posts for this linking. 


7. Introductions Should Immediately Engage Your Readers


It is not an easy task to immediately attract a reader’s attention. Do not sound too academic if you do not communicate like this in real life. People want something to think about but not overthink from the first lines. 

If your blog post is not about academic investigations, try to sound natural. Open it with a short question. Close it with a promise to explain everything mentioned in the introduction, and if you discussed something that you can illustrate by a picture, add it. Visuals work great in blog posts, especially if they add value and are not dull.


8. Let Your Conclusion Refer to Your Main Points


If you write a blog post with numerous headings, try to mention the most important points in the conclusion. You can also apply the same thoughts to promote your blog post on social media. 

Creating a blog post is not an easy task. You should have exciting ideas to share with people and offer them in a form the audience would like to read, and these eight tips ill help you create a stellar blog post.



Bio: Thomas Glare

8 Tips for Engaging and Successful Blog Posts thomas glare marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Thomas is a UK-based game developer and enthusiast, a member of the generation that lived their entire life in a world where video games were already a prominent part of our culture. His blog is the best place where fans can read about free 20 pounds on stunning online slots.

Currently living in Edinburg, I’ve graduated from the University of Essex for creative writing and seek to put my skills to good use in narrative design.


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8 Tips for Engaging and Successful Blog Posts thomas glare marilyn l davis two drops of ink


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