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Poetry Break: Preet Kang

By: Preet Kang


hey. seen. 7:58 pm



I crawl out of myself to hear from you

to feel you, to talk to you

trying to hurt you like you hurt me.


You wanted to end it all,

the pain was sharp, pointed through my chest to my back

and the time


     Has                       Slowed                                Down


“And leave no traces behind

with prolonged goodbyes”,

that stayed in my skin like an illness

for days.


I stepped a step ahead to believe it’s over

and as the sun set,  

the details came back to me in my bed.


Crying and aching.

Healing and hurting.

Complaining and deserted.


You have a way of ignoring the pain

as if our feelings were never the same.

I loved you, you enjoyed me.

Life is short to you,

this pain’s too prolonged for me.


My hands have missed your hands

let me touch them, sense them, and see what they feel like

tell me

it’s alright, we both are going to be alright

tell me

that you miss you and me.


But you say you are happier,

hurt to me

stretched my capacity to feel pain.

Tell me

the pain was same for you.


I fear running insane

my body hurts from the pain





          -al me,




               -ve me.



BIO-Preet Kang



Preet (he/they) works in research for interpersonal violence and sexual health, but their poetry classes help them generate most of their content. He has been writing poems for over a year now but believes his foundation was set while growing up with the realization that the world influenced people and their emotions.

This realization led him to study psychology. Preet studies psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

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