Poetry Break: Anwer Ghani

By: Anwer Ghani


Silent Tree


These birds love the silent tree and like to sit on that branch. You know; love is an unexplained thing, but we know it well. From that beautiful twig, leaves and feathers fell with a feisty smile. This was something heavy for that tired tree full of sad stories. She always goes down to clean the floor of frivolous feathers. Her slender fingers drown butterflies and her broken heart sings absent songs. I saw her kissing the water like my voice that I forgot at the deferred start.



Bio: Anwer Ghani

anwer ghani two drops of ink marilyn l davisAnwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Alhilla city. His name had appeared in Adelaide, Zarf, Peacock, Otoliths, Algebra of Owls, and others.

His poetry also had appeared in Inner Child Press anthology “The Year Of The Poet.”

Anwer Ghani is the chief editor of “Tajdeed” literary magazine. He had, in Arabic, forty books in literature and religious sciences.

Anwer Ghan is the chief representative of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) in Iraq, the member in international writers association (IWA), and the establisher of “Tajdeed Literary Institute (TLI)” and the annual “Tajdeed” Prize for expressive narrative.

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