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Poetry Break: 3 Poems by R. Gerry Fabian

By: R. Gerry Fabian  


Poetry Break: 3 Poems by R. Gerry Fabian two drops of ink marilyn l davis


Just That Special Way You Are


There is a drink at the bar

for you

whenever you come.

Few people mention you now


of course

in the past tense.

When I play your song


and again

some of them pause and look around

just in case.

Oh sure, it bothers me a little


what else

is there to say about it.

That’s why the drink is there.


may take

more time than most of them have

but I say, “What the hell!”


or later

you’ll be back.


Thistle Spray Penalty


Patience is a penalty

required by inherent laws

and practiced by religious fanatics.


I am a gross offender.


Patience is a poison spray

lofting constantly in the air,

waiting to gurgle gag.


I am a repeat offender.


Patience is a prickly thistle

stabbing the unsuspected

and bringing blood droplet rage.


I am a multiple offender.


Accepting That One Last Drink


Instinctive life skills

awaken the caution in me.

I am halfway down

the subway steps

and I hear the echoes

of mob-like drunken curses.


This is a wolf pack moving swiftly

and bent of some form of chaos.

Two guards are slowly retreating

backward up the stairs.

One is requesting immediate back up.

I turn and walk run to the exit.

As I emerge,

there are flashing red lights

and a policeman escorts me

beyond the perimeter

just as gunshots are fired.



Brief bio:  R. Gerry Fabian


Poetry Break: 3 Poems by R. Gerry Fabian two drops of ink marilyn l davis


He has published four books of poetry:


Coming Out Of The Atlantic

Electronic Forecasts 

Ball On The Mound

In addition, he has published four novels : 

Getting Lucky (The Story)

Memphis Masquerade

Seventh Sense 

Ghost Girl 

His web page is https://rgerryfabian.wordpress.com 

Twitter: @GerryFabian2

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/gerry-fabian-91353a131/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010099476497



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Poetry Break: 3 Poems by R. Gerry Fabian two drops of ink marilyn l davis


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