Poetry Break: Archan Mehta marilyn l davis two drops of ink a woman's tale

Poetry Break: A Poem by Dr. Archan Mehta

By: Dr. Archan Mehta


Poetry Break: A Poem by Dr. Archan Mehta marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Poem: A Poet’s Journey?


The poet is a hero

Who celebrates heroism alone.

The poet does not need a

Round of applause or

A show of support

From any audience.


Alone, the poet moves forward 

Despite crowds who try

To pull him down and reduce

Him to the lowest common

Denominators of society.


Meanwhile, the mobs threaten

To tear the poet apart from

Limb to limb, their cherished goal.


But the poet is above

And beyond politics, etc.

The poet does not care

About naysayers, critics and doubters.

The poet follows his passion alone

And pursues a lofty but lonely vision,

Which only he understands and appreciates.


Alone, the poet takes the bull by the

Horns to create a better world,

But the poet is surrounded by 

People who are unwilling and/or

Unable to change.


The poet is blocked by a 

System which is aligned

Against him; a structure that

Cuts into his bones and veins.

Even so, the poet soldiers on

And refuses to return home.


Alone, the poet travels in a zig-zag

Path because the

Straight and narrow path

No longer exists and the

Law of the jungle prevails

Upon our beloved planet earth.


The poet dances in circles alone

But with the help of angels

Who live in heaven.


Alone, the poet encounters opposition

From corrupt officials

Who have a stake in the status quo

And who refuse to budge an inch.


The poet wears old clothes, even

Rags and is penniless like a pauper

Because he is not concerned about

The things of this world but prefers

To be locked away in an alternative

World of soul and heart.


The poet is not interested in

Buying fancy cars and adult toys:

Meaningless, shallow, and futile.

The poet is, after all,

Nubile and fertile.


The poet has no choice

But to withdraw into his

Own shell like a turtle

Who does not want

To face the ugly world.


Thus, the poet escapes

From boys and girls and plays

With feelings, aesthetics, and imagination.


Alone, the poet dances, sings, laughs

And cries, away from

The maddening masses.

For this, the poet has

To suffer through public lashes.


Alone, the poet tries to

Align imagination to reality.

For distributive justice,

For peace and harmony,

To wipe away the tears

Flowing from the eyes of a baby,

To feed the hungry and provide

Shelter to the homeless and to

Provide hope to those who

Suffer from depression and despair.


After all, the poet does not hanker after

Money and what money can buy

Because morality lies

And history sighs, and our

Future dies on planet Earth.


Nature’s lungs can no longer

Breathe due to humanity’s

Ego, selfishness, and greed.


But the poet reveals God’s truth

And is chosen as a messenger

Of our good and dear Lord

For the pen is mightier than the sword!


Dr. Archan Mehta

Poetry Break: Dr. Archan Mehta marilyn l davis two drops of ink

Archan Mehta has earned a Ph.D. in Management. Currently, Dr. Mehta is a Consultant and Writer based in India who trains clients in Stress Management through the ancient practice of meditation.

Dr. Mehta’s articles and case studies have been featured in HR Future. HR Future is a leading HR magazine based in South Africa, sourced by prestigious ivy league schools in America (USA) like Harvard and Princeton. 

In 1990, Dr. Mehta won a national award for a short story in Onlooker Magazine based in Bombay (Mumbai), Maharashtra, India. The Judge was the late, great Khushwant Singh, India’s celebrated Journalist, Editor, Author, and Columnist.

Dr. Mehta’s works have appeared in numerous publications:

  • American Poetry Anthology
  • Poets United to Advance the Arts
  • The Times of India
  • The Indian Express
  • Mid-Day
  • HR Future, Business Manager
  • India Today
  • Sportsweek
  • The Statesman
  • Ahmedabad Mirror
  • All India Management Association
  • People Matters
  • Anglo-Welsh Poetry Society: “Borderlines”
  • Society for Human Resource Management
  • Onlooker

Dr. Mehta is a member of several professional organizations, such as Society for Human Resource Management, Indian Society for Training and Development, Academy of HRD, Rural Marketing Association of India, Ahmedabad Management Association, Human Resource Association of India, Society for Applied Behavioral Sciences, National HRD Network and All India Management Association.

Dr. Mehta likes to stroll outdoors, listen to music, party with close friends, and read in his free time. 

Please feel free to reach out to the poet at archanm@hotmail.com or through LinkedIn.

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Poetry Break: A Poem by Dr. Archan Mehta two drops of ink marilyn l davis


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  1. I write my own poetry everyday, yet recently I have been plagued with a cranky back, , making it difficult for me to sit up. I have considered the cause of my discomfort, cultural stress. Having read this poignant poem I am affirmed at the burden we poets do carry. Your poem is truthful, and exquisitely written. It speaks to the tribe of poets who speak from the heart. I thank you, and I thank G-D for allowing my eyes to have scrolled upon your wisdom.

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