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We are here for the reader and the writer:

Two Drops of Ink staff members work hard every day to provide illuminating, informative, and unique information for aspiring writers and established writers. We also wish to provide our readers interesting posts in all of the major genres. If you have a request, please email us at twodropsofink@gmail.com

About our blog

Two Drops of Ink is a literary blog devoted to literature and writing in a broad sense. For the reader and writer, we publish short stories, poetry, essays, literary criticism, book reviews, and biographical profiles of authors, interviews, letters, and academic essays or treatise.

For the writer, we strive to publish thoughtful and unique conversations about grammar, writing, prose styles, poetry, literary genres, writing advice, and the publishing industry; we post current news and information about the publishing industry and literary agents, regularly.We also promote other sites that we feel enhance the education of writers.

We believe in the power of collaboration. We look forward to publishing works from aspiring writers who are looking for exposure, and seasoned writers and authors looking to expand their audience. We know that those writers who submit their works for publication to our site, and make the cut, will enter into a win-win relationship with Two Drops of Ink. Those authors will receive the benefit of great exposure from a credible site, and we will enjoy the benefit of sharing their audience as well (Win-win).

In January of 2016, 2017, and 2018 we were honored to be added to the list of top 100 blogs for writers.

In January of 2017 and 2018, we were recognized and awarded for being in the top 50 writers blogs. 

For information about submissions, visit our submissions page and read our requirements. Feel free to ask questions, or to email the editor: twodropsofink@gmail.com  

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  1. Hello, I visited your site because SW Biddulph followed my Purpose-driven achiever blog and I wanted to thank him. Imagine my surprise to discover this is a literary blog (one which I discovered and followed recently). I was expecting an individual’s site. Chuffed to discover my blog is one of several you follow. Hopefully, interested followers from your blog will visit my humble site (I would certainly welcome the extra traffic). Thanks so much for the follow.

    • One of the things we do here at Two Drops of Ink is that we try to reciprocate and collaborate with other writers, bloggers, and readers. Thank you for the kind words, let us know if we can help.

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