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At Two Drops of Ink, we proudly collaborate with other writers. Most bloggers work hard to brand themselves and push their own sites, and that’s fine; however, here at Two Drops of Ink, we have created a unique and powerful epicenter for collaborative writing. Along with our writing team and the blogs we post, we accept submissions of all genres (see our submissions guidelines). This is a huge win-win for our literary blog and for writers that are either well established and are looking to expand their audience, or relatively new writers looking for exposure. We dedicate this page to those writers, and their works, that were good enough to publish on our blog. Congrats to them. Please take a moment to scroll down through the list and enjoy and share their writing.

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Fatima Altaf



Fatima Altaf is a Dubai based Clinical Psychologist, Research Writer, and Blogger. Her wrings are regularly published on different writing and blogging platforms.
“I write on a wide variety of topics ranging from Philosophy, History, Literature, Politics and  Scientific Research to Psychology and Parenting.”
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two drops of ink the meaning of words: is the term organic chemicals an oxymoron

C.N.PILLAI (Full Name: Chandrsekhara Narayana Pillai)

After Post Graduation in Chemistry from The University of Kerala, Trivandrum, India, I left for the USA in 1954 for higher studies.  Took a Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1960 from Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, returned to India in 1960 and joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (Madras), India, as a faculty member. Retired as professor of chemistry in 1994. I have published more than 100 research papers, guided 22 students towards the Ph.D. degree and have published a Textbook of Organic Chemistry. Now I spent my time reading and writing articles on general topics.

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1) The Meaning of Words: Is the Term Organic Chemicals an Oxymoron?

Samuel Horstmeier



Samuel has enjoyed a diverse experience as a young author, including his time as an award-winning opinions writer for The Legacy newspaper. There, he published over a dozen contributions regarding religion, politics, and his community. He has completed his degree in Political Science and Public Administration at Lindenwood University, where he was a member of the honors college. Samuel enjoys reading and writing works that discuss matters of his Christian faith, and engaging with political readers through thought-provoking articles regarding contemporary partisan issues.
He may be contacted at and found on Twitter at @samhorstmeier