1. Hello all,
    I love the new look! Did not think I’d been away that long – it took me completely by surprise. I dropped by to thank you Marilyn for following my blog (A Purpose-driven achiever).
    Keep up the excellent work!

  2. What a small world. Your neighborhood sounds like one large book club. I’ll let you decide a literary topic and submit. All of us can use advice on better writing, a poem, encouragement, or what is working to get blog traffic. Be sure to include your bio and links, that way we all benefit, and that’s our mission.

  3. You have a beautiful blog. I came here through the Intentional Blog Course FB group after reading one of Marilyn’s posts. What a great mission you have. I am a one woman show, not blogging for profit at this point, but working on my site Just Write as well as my personal blog. One thing I noticed is how few likes review posts usually get, so I started a link challenge or party to offer a place for bloggers to link reviews they have already written. I post a review each week about a certain genre, and encourage others to link and share what others link. This is my post for this week. http://wp.me/p7tP3I-i9 It hasn’t gone over as well as I thought it might, but I still enjoy doing it.

    • Hi, Marsha, I thought I recognized your name from another comment. I wanted to thank you for commenting here, as well. I’m going to check out your post later tonight – promise.

      A one woman, or man show can get discouraging sometimes. You might consider a guest post with us. We actively promote and support our guest contributors. I hope you think about it.

      • I’d love to do a guest post. Any time. Check out my two blogs and see what topics you like. I can update any of them, or create something new. You can check out my style and see if it fits with your blog. 🙂

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