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By: Marilyn L. Davis, Editor-in-Chief

That Was Then…

Two Drops of Ink has been live since 2011, when Scott Biddulph started what he called, his little blog. I joined him in 2014, sharing one laptop and a goal. 

We wanted to provide problem-solving tips, informative, entertaining, and enchanting posts for our readers. We knew that collaboration was the only way we could accomplish it.

Both of us had written for other writing sites, and we began by asking other writers on those sites to contribute a guest post. We were pleasantly surprised when we started getting award-winning writers, poets, and authors contributing. But it solidified our vision of working with others to achieve a goal. 

Eventually, we asked certain writers to commit to a monthly post and featured them as Monthly Contributors. We created writing contests and offered writers and authors exceptional backlink opportunities in their bios, increasing awareness of their writing. All of these collaborative efforts made Two Drops of Ink an award-winning site.


This is Now…

In 2022, Two Drops of Ink will expand on that original goal of collaboration. How? 

By offering literary services from some of our monthly contributors and guest writers, each of whom is a recognized authority in their area of expertise, which means that you can work with exceptional writing and poetry experts to make your writing better.  


Why Does a Writer Need any Literary Service? 

You’ll never learn or grow as a writer if you don’t get feedback on it. Sure, you can show it to family, friends, or writers in your Facebook group and get some comments, but they will often not represent the writing but the relationship. In other words, they like you, so they’ll take it easy on your grammar, syntax, and structure. 

Comments aren’t what you need; a critique is. Writing a critique or review of the writing involves more than pointing out mistakes. It is a systematic analysis of the writing and then gives you a fair and reasonable description of its strengths and weaknesses. 

Writers Are Often Blind

If love is blind, so are writers. We love specific words or phrases, fall in love with a particular character, and move them in unrealistic directions. Writers get myopic about their writing. They know what they mean to say – and don’t or they make minor grammatical errors or poorly worded sections and can’t see them. 

That’s why the second set of eyes is necessary. A good editor will help you clarify what’s on the page, remove unnecessary words, or ask you to delve deeper into the thoughts and feelings of a character to make them more life-like. 

Writer Plus Editor or Coach Equals Excellent Writing

Editors and coaches want to improve your writing. When you enter into a relationship with an editor, view it accordingly, it’s not an adversarial relationship. The editor considers your writing objectively and can pick up on character inconsistencies, rhyme, meter, plot holes, grammar problems, and many other issues that you can’t see when you’re writing.

“Editing a written text is a collaborative enterprise that commences with the other parties commenting up the author’s initial ideas, and it can include technical assistance in the correction of grammatical mistakes, misspellings, poorly structured sentences, vague or inconsistent statements, and correcting errors in citations. Editing is as much an art form as writing a creative piece of literature…” Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Each of the service providers has their page for you to review listing their area of expertise, including: 

  1. Beta Readers
  2. Book Development Editors or Coaches
  3. Copy Editors
  4. Developmental, conceptual, and line editing
  5. Dissertation Reviews
  6. Line Editors
  7. Manuscript Analysis
  8. Poetry Coaching
  9. Proofreaders
  10. Writing and Poetry Coaches

Make a Decision to Hire a Professional Now!

When you decide to hire a professional editor to improve your writing, it’s an investment in yourself. You’ve worked hard to produce poetry, a book, your dissertation, or a blog representing you, and an experienced editor recognizes that. The editor’s job isn’t to tell you what to do or change but to make sound suggestions for enhancing your writing. They will always allow your vision to shine. 

For traditional publication

Editors are familiar with the publishing industry and know what agents and houses look for in manuscripts and poetry collections. They can guide you to publishing agents or houses looking for your type of books. 

For self-publication

If you choose to self-publish your writing or poetry, an editor is still critical. You’ll need to know how to format or who to hire for this task on Amazon. An editor is familiar with those components, too. 

What Does an Editor Cost?

An editor’s costs depend on the scope of the editing or coaching. Don’t skimp on this. Every great writer has an equally great editor. Remember that the costs of an editor will significantly improve your writing, whether it’s a book, blog, dissertation, or poetry collection. 


Editing, Writing and Poetry Coaching, and Services offered by: 

Anwer Ghani,

Claudia Ricci, Ph. D. 

Dr. Noelle Sterne


When Your Books Needs Help



If’ you’ve written a book, you’ve done a lot of work. You wrote, revised, self-edited, and then hired a professional to edit and fine-tune. 

And then you hit the publish button…and waited and waited. You knew your family and friends bought your book, they told you so, and after that familial rush, zilch, nana, nothing. Just a blank graph on your Amazon report page. 

Now it’s time to consider services like a media consultant or author recommendations and review for excellent exposure of your book.  Why? Because you cannot do it all yourself even after you’ve got a book out there. 


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