Dr. Noelle Sterne


I serve writers in all genres through individual, private, customized sessions. I offer coaching, guidance, idea generation, structuring, critiquing, line and developmental editing, and gentle and uncompromising critiques, helping you create and complete your unique work.

Wherever you are stuck—idea stage, molasses beginning, desert-dry middle, deflated end, agonizing final editing—I help you dig out and move forward.

Services include time management; block-conquering; emotional, psychological, and spiritual support; and specific suggestions and examples for continuing and finishing your draft. I am honored to help you complete your work to the highest standards, develop your talents, and reach your dreams.


  1. You complete your treasured and infuriating manuscript.
  2. You have less anxiety, confusion, frustration.
  3. I guide you on what to do, when, and how.
  4. You/We produce a manuscript/book you can be proud of.
  5. You learn from our work together—writing, research, thinking, deeper understanding, creating.
  6. You develop confidence in yourself and your writing.
  7. You gain an informal counselor from my many years of experience writing, publishing (and getting rejected), and helping other writers.
  8. You unburden your negatives—through talking with me on the phone and by email.
  9. As you release your negatives, you reinvigorate your motivation and writing.
  10. Along the way, you may even have some fun.


  1. To help you release your creative splendor.
  2. To help you gain confidence in your talents.
  3. To help you bring out what you know is in you.
  4. To help you work on your project regularly and with supreme dedication.
  5. To help you nurture your own voice and produce the best work possible.
  6. To help you reach the recognition and success you deserve.


  1. Contact by phone, email, visits as applicable and convenient.
  2. All services are private, confidential, highly individualized, and of a dedicated and close nature.
  3. Fees are individualized based on the nature, scope, size, timeline of project.


– I’ve done the most personal writing this past year than I’ve ever done in my life-all while going through a very difficult and financially straining period.

– I’ve had a virtual cheerleader and affirmer . . . I don’t think that’s a word, but you    know what I mean (THANK YOU).

– I never heard from you that I hadn’t written enough or didn’t meet an expectation, which was really helpful for my personality type. 

– You had my back and were able to help talk through other aspects that were going on in my life that supported the writing (spiritual/writing) connection.

– You pointed me to resources to explore that supported the situations we were discussing at the time, which offered other perspectives.

– We affirmed Divine Order together. This helped to remember someone was affirming with me.

– Thank you, Noelle, for the support this year and working with me to find the right balance for this coaching arrangement. It really worked well for what I needed, and I am forever grateful!


  1. Please see my website: https://www.trustyourlifenow.com
  2. Or email me directly to trustnow333@yahoo.com


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