Shepherd is a book discovery website that helps readers uncover books in new and creative ways. And, we help authors get their book in front of the readers who are the most likely to want to read it. How does it work? 

Authors pick their five favorite books around a topic or theme they are passionate about, along with why they recommend each of those books. Then, we feature the author and one of their books alongside that list forever. 

And we promote the author, their book, and their book list throughout our website and marketing channels. For example, here is a list that Brit Bennett did on the best novels about the complexities of being Black in America.




Free marketing for you and your book; connect with interested readers; create a better Goodreads




  1. I want to help you get the first 50 to 150 book sales that are not family and friends. 
  2. I want to give you a consistent stream of sales by placing your book in front of the most interested readers. The sales won’t be a huge number but will provide consistent exposure to the most interested readers in their book genre.
  3. I want to give authors a place to quickly become “book influencers” if they want to be. One of the best ways an author can connect with readers is around a shared love of books.




This is entirely free, and you can learn more at; if you are interested, email to get the template and instructions. 




We launched in April 2021 and have worked with thousands of authors; you can search to see examples at Here is more info on our traffic stats, and we update this every month as we grow.  

“Ben Fox at Shepherd has a concept that appeals to me – let readers know about my books, obviously, but help interested readers know about the five books on addiction and recovery that I also wanted to promote.

When viewing, you’ll find your genre, interests, what other authors you follow are reading, and great recommendations for your reading pleasure.” ~Marilyn L. Davis, author of Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate