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 Please note: When selected for publication, it may be 4-8 weeks before your post goes live. We will notify you by email before publication. 



Why Send Submissions to Two Drops of Ink?


Two Drops of Ink is a literary blog devoted to literature in a broad sense. We publish short stories, poetry, essays of all types, literary criticism, book reviews, biographical profiles, interviews, memoirs, and letters. We strive to bring thoughtful and unique conversations to our readers about grammar, writing, prose styles, poetry, literary genres, writing advice, and the publishing industry.

Two Drops of Ink proudly collaborates with other writers. Most bloggers focus on the primary task of branding themselves and pushing their sites, which is fine; however, here at Two Drops of Ink, we believe in and have created an epicenter for collaborative writing, which is powerful. As Joseph Rain says, “Collaboration isn’t about giving up our individuality; it’s about realizing our greater potential.” 

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Poetry? Prose? Problem-solving for the Writer and Blogger?


Two Drops of Ink is accepting submissions for all genres except “R” rated posts, romance as the overriding theme, or anything politically partisan. Political, philosophical, or ideological discussions are excellent – that can make for exciting reading; however, partisan rants don’t fit here.

We are looking for fresh perspectives on all genres and literary topics. Here are some examples:

  • Grammar
  • The art of writing
  • The craft of writing
  • How to publish
  • How to query a book
  • Book reviews
  • Writing purposefully for an online audience
  • Building an online following
  • Flash Fiction
  • Fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Essays
  • Historical Fiction and non-fiction
  • Sci-fi
  • Steampunk

We understand that how something is said is just as important as what is said.

Each writer has that unique way of turning a phrase and using their authentic voice. We hope to extend the following benefits to you as a writer if your work gets published on our site.


A Published Submission to Two Drops of Ink guarantees:


  • Your writing, web sites, and books get exposure through links in your bio. 
  • You and Two Drops of Ink create a strategic alliance — a shared influence on social media, including promoting your blogs, books, websites, videos, and services.
  • With our numerous awards, Two Drops of Ink provides you with a credible site for your guest post.


Specific Submission Guidelines


  • Word Count

We ask that articles be 1000-1500 original words; however, we will work with authors if they exceed 1500 words. We will also consider a series.


  • Articles Are Original, Unique, or Updated

 We will not consider writings that have been published elsewhere, including your website. We expect non-plagiarized writing. If you are uncertain about the various forms of plagiarism, click here for a description. 

We exclude poetry from the ‘published elsewhere’ requirement because of its unique artistic value. 


  • Posts are Value-Added

 Make sure your submissions are not just unique regarding perspective but also relevant to the times. Our readers and subscribers are interested in value-added articles that include:

  1. A “how-to” that clearly defines writing, editing, and other writing topics.
  2. Frequent writing blunders and solutions
  3. Overcoming writing difficulties
  4. Links when quoting others, citations where needed, and it’s often helpful to link to concepts, foreign words or phrases, or even to your blog if the topic is similar


  • Make sure your submission is well-written


Two Drops of Ink expects that articles demonstrate proper grammar, clarity, style, tone, and punctuation. 

We ask that you edit for the obvious and then edit again for those pesky mistakes we all make. 

If your submission is selected, we will do an editorial review. If it does not meet Two Drops of Ink’s standards, but the overall concept is appealing, we may ask that you ‘revise and resubmit’ your article, which is not a rejection of your submission.

When the article passes our initial examination or your resubmitted work is better, we will email you further instructions. Please submit your guest post in a Word.doc(x) format -no Google Docs, please.

Use proper citations when necessary

Give proper attribution when citing statistics, quotes, or references. Provide an accurate citation in the article and hyperlink to the verifiable source, including photos and images.


  • Use Subheadings


Subheadings are clues for the reader about what will follow. Make them interesting, use keywords from your post, and have the content that follows each subheading be roughly 300 words, which helps with SEO. 


  • Reinforce your post with images


Images are the visual clue that accompanies your words. Make them as enjoyable as your writing. Two free sites for commercial use photos are: and 


  • Accompanying Bio


All work submitted needs an accompanying bio and high-resolution photo of the author ( or the best picture you have).

We prefer a headshot (Jpeg) image; we would like our readers to see you and read you. However, we would ask that it not be a vacation or family shot, etc.


  • Posts can be withdrawn or pulled down


Two Drops of Ink may reject any guest posts that do not meet the guidelines mentioned above. We will also pull any posts that we later find to be false, misleading as to the author, or information in the bio. 


  • Publication License Agreement


When submitting, you agree to an “Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internationallicense with Two Drops of Ink to publish your original articles.

Two Drops of Ink may then, in turn, use extracts, quotes, or portions in a subsequent article to refer back to your original guest post for further exposure.


A Final Note: 

Barring an emergency, you cannot help, we want you to engage with the readers who leave comments, or likes. . 

All comments are important, so we ask that our writers check for comments and respond. 


Ready to submit? 


Please follow the guidelines and then forward your word.doc(x) article to: with Two Drops of Ink submission in the subject line.