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Dr. Noelle Sterne

Dr. Noelle Sterne is an author, editor, writing coach, writing and meditation workshop leader, spiritual counselor, and gentle nag. Noelle has published over 700 writing craft articles, spiritual pieces, essays, short stories, and occasional poems.

Author Magazine:

Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation, A PowerPoint Teaser:

Journal of Expressive Writing:

Life and Everything After:

Live Write Thrive:

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Additional Publications

Pieces have appeared in various anthologies as well as individual publications such as Author Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul (sixth story November 2021),  Journal of Expressive Writing, Life and Everything After, Live Write Thrive, MindBodySpirit, Mused, Pen & Prosper, Romance Writers Report, Ruminate, Sasee, Thesis Whisperer, Transformation Coaching (bimonthly), Unity Daily Word, Unity Magazine, WE Magazine for Women, Women in Higher Education, Women on Writing, Writing and Wellness, The Writer, Writers Digest.

Monthly Contributor for:

Textbook and Academic Authors Association

Two Drops of Ink Blog

In July and August 2018, Noelle was one of six webinar presenters for TAA’s “Writing Gym.” Her topic: “Get Started, Continue Your Draft, and Finish”, which continues to be offered. She is also one of several coaches in TAA’s program of free one-hour academic coaching to members.

Noelle also contributes pieces to other national and international publications on dissertation issues and writing. In July and August 2018, she, was one of six webinar presenters for its “Writing Gym.” Her topic:Get Started, Continue Your Draft, and Finish,” which continues to be offered.

Swallowing her own advice (hard as it may be), Noelle is completing her third novel.

Noelle’s Books

Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping with the Emotional, Interpersonal and Spiritual Struggles

Trust Your Life: Forgive Yourself and Go After Your Dreams

Tyrannosaurus Wrecks: A Book of Dinosaur Riddles (eons ago)


Noelle’s Published Posts on Two Drops of Ink


I serve writers in all genres through individual, private, customized sessions. I offer coaching, guidance, idea generation, structuring, critiquing, line and developmental editing, and gentle and uncompromising critiques, helping you create and complete your unique work.

Wherever you are stuck—idea stage, molasses beginning, desert-dry middle, deflated end, agonizing final editing—I help you dig out and move forward.

Services include time management; block-conquering; emotional, psychological, and spiritual support; and specific suggestions and examples for continuing and finishing your draft. I am honored to help you complete your work to the highest standards, develop your talents, and reach your dreams.

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