John C. Gyorki


John is currently an Electrical Skilled Tradesman for the University of Michigan. He has over 33 years experience in his field. He resides in Southern Michigan with his wife Maryann. He spent four years in the Marine Corp as a 7011 (Aircraft Launch & Recovery Tech). After his tour, he completed a four year Inside Wireman Electrical Apprenticeship with I.B.E.W. (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers).

At a very young age, John developed a love for reading and hoarding books and has continued to do so. It wasn’t uncommon to see him writing notes about something. John believes inspiration comes from an intentional reading of the Word and following the Lord. He feels it encourages better living and thinking.

When John is not working, writing and reading books of various genres, he is trying his best at being a husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend, and uncle. On occasion, you’ll see him making sausage and jerky or fermenting cabbage and pickles. He is always put in charge of making Hungarian Goulash over an open pit fire. No one else is allowed!

“My goal is to foster traditional family community and common sense thinking”.

“ I enjoy reading books about personal life experiences. When people are at their lowest, broken point and then making a victorious comeback.”

John C. Gyorki

John started writing January of 2016. He submitted his first publication May of 2016 right here at Two Drops of Ink.

He is developing his voice as a writer and continues to work on his website.

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